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Why you should be writing integration tests for Drupal

In our previous blog post, we made a pretty big claim that Drupal 7 unit testing is broken. You probably knew that already but you know the importance of testing a big Drupal project as well. So like us, you started using Behat and Selenium for functional and user acceptance testing. It worked well for a while but now there are so many test scenarios that you are finding it difficult to maintain all of them. To make it worse, your test suite takes hours and hours to complete. But do not despair!

Working with the Drupal Calendar Module

This article provides you with the steps required to create a Drupal event calendar. First, two modules are downloaded and enabled - Calendar and Date. 

A new content type called Events is then created. Two events are created based on this content type. A View is then configured to display the calendar featuring events. 

Adding A Contextual Filter To A View In Drupal 8

In this article, we will focus on contextual filters. Initially, we will explore the difference between contextual and regular filters. After that, we will create a view displaying content created by the logged-in user.

We will also explore the “WHEN THE FILTER VALUE IS NOT IN THE URL” dialog box and the different options associated with it.

5 Tips On How To Become An Entrepreneur

The art of entrepreneurship is a skill that takes years to master. It represents a successful marriage between a good business idea and the resources required to implement it.

5 Tips On How To Become An Entrepreneur

Look around to explore the entrepreneurs that work in close proximity with you. Most of them will look successful and content on the outside. But they've probably been through a lot to reach where they are today.

Working With The Drupal Google Analytics Module

This article helps you install the Drupal Google Analytics module. Go through the accompanying screenshots to enable and configure the module for your Drupal 7 site. We will show you how to deploy the Tracking ID for your site.

We will be going through the different options you will come across while enabling this module. At the end of the article, we will show how Drupal Google Analytics works with real-time examples.

We hope this article lays the foundation for your site to generate valuable insights day in, day out.

Why We Chose Drupal Organic Groups: A Comparative Study

This article explains why we went ahead with Organic Groups for our project. 

As part of our research, we did a detailed analysis of the following platforms: Organic Groups, Open Atrium, Drupal Commons, Open Scholar and Domain Access. We have listed the positive and negatives in the article. You will understand why we finally decided to go with Organic Groups. Follow this article to make informed decisions while choosing a platform for your business needs.

How To Perform A Registry Rebuild Manually In Drupal?

The manual registry rebuild was done to rectify a fatal error that we encountered. A conventional Registry Rebuild did not work in our case. A drush rr command failed as well. We then installed Drush, took a backup of the database and truncated cache_bootstrap and registry tables.

The entire code and steps to perform are featured in this article. Go through them for a novel method to deal with rebuilding registries in Drupal!