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10 Ways To Increase Productivity At Work

This article provides you 10 ways to increase productivity at work. Read through these tips to stay ahead of deadlines. Share this article with others as well!

The tips featured in the article are simple to follow and implement. You are probably using them in real life already! The tips include using to-do lists, doing one thing at a time and lots more! Read and follow these tips to ensure your time at the office is spent well.  

How to install Drupal 7 with Nginx, PHP-FPM and MySQL on Ubuntu 14.04

Ubuntu 14.04's package manager (apt) installs PHP 5.5 by default. Although Drupal 7 core works on PHP 5.5, some contributed modules may not. In that case, you may either need to fix the module or downgrade to a lower version of PHP. In this article, we will show you how to install PHP 5.3.29 with PHP-FPM from source on Ubuntu 14.04. On top of this, we will install Nginx and MySQL to have a working Drupal 7 website.

All You Need To Know About Software Testing

This article provides a brief overview about software testing and its benefits. The origins is explored as well. How did testing come about? How was testing performed earlier? These are some of the questions explored in this article.

Go through the article to learn about the different types of testing. Get to know the basic difference between White Box and Black Box testing.



Using Views Exposed Filter In Drupal 8

This article takes you through the steps required to use Views Exposed Filter in Drupal 8. Exposed filters provide users with the freedom to sort content on their own. This feature is beneficial, in particular, for online stores where customers seek to filter products of their choice. The filter could be based on price, brand or size.

In this article, a new view is created, a path provided and the display format altered to showcase content titles. The Filter Criteria is then configured. The screenshots accompanying this article will provide you with clear instructions in setting up exposed filters in your application.

Using REST Export With Views In Drupal 8

This article will take you through the steps required to use REST web services with Views in Drupal 8. You will have to install and enable two modules - RESTful Web Services and Serialization. Both these modules are part of a package known as Web Services.

Follow the screenshots accompanying the article as we create a REST Export view, specify a REST Export path and enable json settings. You will have to install a REST client as well. In this example, we have installed Advanced REST client from the Google Chrome browser. As shown in the article, select GET in the REST client to send and receive a 200 status code.

All You Need To Know About SaaS

This article provides excellent inputs on everything that’s needed to be known about SaaS, the popular software delivery model. “What is SaaS?”, “What are its origins?”, “How does it work?”, “What are its advantages?” and “What are the different architectural models associated with SaaS?” – these are some of the questions answered in this article.

The diagram provided in the article will give a clearer picture on how SaaS differs from conventional software delivery models. You could adopt the SaaS model in your office as well. This article will serve as the stepping stone to achieve this purpose.

Working With Drupal Pathauto

Drupal Pathauto ranks among the most widely used modules in Drupal. It is easy to use and immensely useful as well. This article explains how to configure this popular module for your website. Follow the screenshots provided to personalize your site's URLs. Once configured, Drupal Pathauto will create URL aliases automatically for all content types.

Among the biggest benefits offered by this module is the creation of a clear URL structure. These refined URLs will help your website win the attention of search engines. Follow the steps mentioned in this article to make your site's URLs SEO-optimized as well. 

All You Need To Know About Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing is the latest fad in technology. For the last couple of years, this concept held the attention of businesses around the world. Some of the best software companies have started offering cloud computing servicesto their customers. What makes this concept so important? In this article, we provide you with a brief overview on all you need to know about this wonderful concept. What does Cloud Computing signify? What are its origins? How does it work? These are some of the questions answered in this article. Go through this write-up to get a clearer understanding of this wonderful concept!

12 Of The Best Drupal Themes For Businesses

Themes play a central role in the development of Drupal sites. Themes that feature clean and easy-to-understand navigation are preferred by site creators. The more user-friendly the theme is, the greater chances of it being accepted by users.

For businesses, it is important to adapt to responsive themes that can make a quick and positive impression. This article makes things easier for you by featuring 10 such responsive themes to highlight your business. The themes mentioned here include Office Responsive, Elegant and WebMate, among others. Go through this article to make an informed decision while choosing a responsive theme for your site.

10 Tips For Entrepreneurs In 2015

Entrepreneurs have the most difficult job in the world! First, they have to convert their business ideas into reality. Then, they have to bring together a team that can convert the company into a successful entity. After the company is established, the entrepreneur has to make sure the business is ahead of competition! It's a never-ending vicious circle! Through all this, the entrepreneur should remain focused on his goals to achieving business supremacy.

This article is packed with tips to make the year 2015 a memorable one for entrepreneurs. Follow this article to script a new success story for your business!