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10 Tips For Entrepreneurs In 2015

Entrepreneurs have the most difficult job in the world! First, they have to convert their business ideas into reality. Then, they have to bring together a team that can convert the company into a successful entity. After the company is established, the entrepreneur has to make sure the business is ahead of competition! It's a never-ending vicious circle! Through all this, the entrepreneur should remain focused on his goals to achieving business supremacy.

This article is packed with tips to make the year 2015 a memorable one for entrepreneurs. Follow this article to script a new success story for your business!

A Brief Overview Of 10 Open Source Application Updates In 2014

Open source applications are here to stay. And every year, several new open source applications are born to make life easier for software development. As we wait for the full release of Drupal 8, here is a list of some important updates to popular applications throughout 2014.

The list featured here includes Varnish, Ubuntu, OpenStack, GNOME, Git and SASS, among others applications. Some of these updates didn't meet with user approval while others provided quality improvement over earlier versions. Which of these versions have you used in your technology environment? And what has been your experience so far?

11 Project Management Tips For New Managers

Project management is not for the faint-hearted. A Project Manager will be called upon to take upon several aspects of a project – from handling employees to managing technical requirements, all this while ensuring deadlines are met. If you are looking for sound advice to handle project management better, then this article is for you!

In this article, we feature 11 tips to help you succeed as a Project Manager. It doesn't matter whether you work on Drupal or any other software platform – these tips will help you drive projects in the right manner. Read through these tips and prepare yourself to become a better manager!

A Checklist Of Must-Have Features For Intranets

This article lists the must-have features for Intranets. It’s a fact that most businesses simply opt for Intranets without realizing the potential that can be achieved through them. In reality, there is a lot that can be achieved for your business by leveraging the power of Intranets.

We make things easier for you by preparing this list of must-have features for Intranets. Use this article to prepare a comprehensive Intranet application for your business.

An Employee Directory, a Knowledge Sharing Center, a Blog and a Recreation Corner are some of the features listed in this list, among others.

10 Creative Druplicons From Around The World!

This article showcases the fun side of the Drupal community. Druplicons – Drupal’s popular mascot – has been the subject of creativity for several years now. Druplicons have been reproduced in colorful and appealing versions to highlight Drupal camps around the world. Each Druplicon creatively represents the area of origin it belongs to.

Featured in the article are Druplicons from Spain, USA, India and Australia, among other countries. The Druplicons featured in the articleare high on creative value. Go through them and get inspired to create some of your own! We are sure you will love this article!

5 Drupal-powered Sites That Are A Must-see!

Drupal ranks among the best open source CMS solutions available in the world today. Widely used to power large websites, Drupal has gained a reputation as a solid CMS performer. The powerful features provided with Drupal have given it an edge over other solutions such as Joomla and WordPress.

The purpose of this article is to highlight some of the best sites powered by Drupal. A glance at this article will show that they all represent different domains of life. You will see screenshots and links to popular Drupal sites for famous entities and celebrities such as the White House, Michael Jackson, Virgin, Prince Charles and Zynga (the gaming website).

5 Reasons Why Drupal Commerce Is The Right Solution For Your Ecommerce Business

The article explains why Drupal Commerce is popularly used to build quality e-commerce websites. Ever since its launch in 2009, Drupal Commerce has steadily gained a reputation as a proven performer. Over the years, Drupal Commerce has gone ahead of WordPress and Joomla offerings as well.

Hundreds of websites from around the world are already powered by Drupal Commerce. If you are looking for the perfect solution to power your online store, then look no further than Drupal Commerce! Check this article out for the 5 reasons provided for its popularity. Low costs and a high degree of SEO compatibility, among other reasons, have been highlighted in this article.

5 Popular Drupal Modules For Development

Drupal ranks among the most popularly sought open source solutions, primarily because of the wide selection of modules on offer. These modules can be deployed to add complex functionality that can extend Drupal's already powerful capabilities. Featured here are modules such as Backup and Migrate, Field group and Media, among others.

The functionality achieved with the modules help Drupal storm ahead of Joomla and WordPress with ease. Go through the modules provided in the article. How many of them have you used? Which modules according to you are more popular? Let us know your thoughts in the article’s comment box.

5 Reasons Why You Should Have A CMS Website For Your Business

CMS websites play a very important role in the way businesses are run in the world today. The article explores the reasons why CMS websites are a must for businesses to excel. If you represent a business organization and wish to get ahead of competitors, then it is wise to adopt a CMS solution for your company’s website.

The reasons featured in the article will help potential users take a wise decision while going for a CMS website. Better content management, enhanced scalability and superior SEO capabilities are some of the reasons mentioned in the article. Go through this article to make an informed decision.

Drupal vs. WordPress vs. Joomla: A Friendly Comparison

A popular question is tackled in this article. Which CMS is the right choice for your business? Is it Drupal, WordPress or Joomla? This article provides an unbiased look into determining the best CMS solution for your business.

The article also features a couple of websites powered by each of these CMS sites. Go through the article and choose your CMS carefully. In case you wish to provide insights on the topic, you can do so by providing feedback in the comments box.