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3 Tips To Help Choose The Right CMS Platform

It is difficult to choose the right CMS solution for your business. There are a lot of platforms available out there. And you will have to do a lot of research as part of your homework. This article raises some thought provoking questions on the points to ponder over before choosing the right CMS solution for your business. 

Do you really need a CMS? What are the objectives you wish to seek through the CMS? These are some of the pointers discussed in this article. Use this article as a reference to find the right CMS.

5 Fun Facts About Drupal

Drupal has a rich history that dates back to more than a decade. Launched in 2001 by Belgian Dries Buytaert, Drupal was born as a message board. The application then went through a series of life-changing sequences to reach where it has today.

A fact that helped Drupal immensely is the decision to make it an open source project. This brought in the involvement of a wide community of developers. Check out the fun facts provided in the article to get to know Drupal better! You will definitely enjoy the facts provided in this fun article!

7 Interesting Facts About Open Source Software

Open source applications have ruled this world for several decades. A mania that began with the launch of Linux has carried on with the launch of several hundred other applications. You will like the facts featured in this article if you are an open source application enthusiast. And even if you aren’t, you will find this article an interesting read.

What is the world’s first open source application? Is it   Linux? Have you heard about the InfoWorld Bossie Awards before? These are just some of the topics covered in this article. Go through this article to get yourself better acquainted with the world of open source applications.