eBay - Logo & Branding

What the client needed: 

eBay's legal team needed an easy way for third-party users to ask them about the use of eBay's logos. Once a request is received, it had to go through a workflow and either accepted or rejected. The legal team wanted a dashboard where they could see pending requests.

Solution we provided: 

We provided a Drupal-based solution that used Workflow module. Depending on the type of request, a few were automatically approved, a few were automatically rejected and the remaining went through the workflow.

Project Outcome: 

eBay's legal team was extremely happy with the outcome. The application reduced their management workflow substantially.

eBay's legal team felt that third-party users were having a hard time finding the place to ask eBay about the use of its brands in print, media or films. They wanted to create a web application where third-party users could easily ask for permission to use brand. The same application needed to auto-approve a few requests, auto-deny a few more and pass the remaining through an approval workflow. Drupal's workflow module was up to the task. Using Views, we created a dashboard that provided an easy way to see the pending requests awaiting approval or rejection.