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We’ve worked with clients in many different industries, each requiring a uniqe personalized solution.

Explore our featured studies below.

Global Heart Network

Global Heart Network is a non-profit foundation that matches donors with medical resources with those who need it. Earlier a few pages on the site

Industry: Healthcare URL:

eBay - Logo & Branding

eBay's legal team felt that third-party users were having a hard time finding the place to ask eBay about the use of its brands in print, media or

Industry: Enterprise URL:

PayPal - Intranet

PayPal was facing the problem of low employee engagement on their central intranet site which was built on top of Sharepoint. They wanted to

Industry: Enterprise

Netflix - Contract Management

Netflix's internal customers that used its Drupal based contract management system were not happy with the UI. The team was faced with two options

Industry: Enterprise

Programmable Web

Programmable Web is the largest API-centric site in the world, offering details and news about the APIs and mashups. It also allows developers to

Industry: Media URL:

Case Study - VMware

VMware, client of Clarus Agency, publishes white papers on virtualization technology very regularly. Each white paper has many different pieces of

Industry: Enterprise

Hobby Local

Hobby Local promotes hobby classes and continuing education in Austin, TX. They wanted a site which could reduce their administrative work by

Industry: Enterprise

Concrete Ideas

Concrete Ideas wanted to reduce the page load time of their website. Their initial page load time ranged from 3 seconds to 12 seconds with average

Industry: Enterprise URL:

Collection King

Collection King, a client of Bsidestudios, wanted to integrate their Drupal website with the app they were developing using PhoneGap. The app

Industry: Enterprise

Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce

Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce, a client of Bsidestudios, wanted to create a website where their members can register online and pay their

Industry: Enterprise URL:
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