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In this article, we have picked some of the most versatile and good-looking Drupal websites from around the world. The goal behind this list is to showcase how awesome Drupal can be as an efficient CMS tool.

1. This is the most popular Drupal website ever! Orignially launched in 1994, offers readers with the latest news in policies, initiatives and events. It also is home to several departments such as the Office of Management and Budget, Council of Economic Advisers and so on.

Also, keep a watch out for the profiles of President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden,among others.

White House site

2. We bet you didn't know Zynga is powered by Drupal! This gaming website ranks among the world's best for quality entertainment. Admired by both adults and kids alike, Zynga has a reputation for being fast with minimal or no downtime at all. Head over to the website to explore Drupal's site!

Zynga's gaming site

3. With the highly charismatic Richard Branson at the helm, it was important to have a website that exudes class, performance and a lot more! Virgin had their corporate website redone and chose Drupal to power the site.

The results are there for everybody to see – easily ranks among the most breathtaking sites ever!

Virgin's site


4. The greatest musician to grace our planet, Michael Jackson's memories have been immortalized not just through his music but a Drupal-powered website as well. Create your own MJ account to stay on top of the latest news on the departed superstar.

Michael Jackson's site

5. Prince Charles – the heir apparent to the British throne – also has a Drupal-powered website. Providing online visitors with a glimpse into the Royal life as well as initiatives undertaken by them, this website offers a pleasant read.


Prince Charles' site

Which other popular Drupal websites do you think need to be featured in this list? Do share with us in the comments below!


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