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If you have worked on Drupal before, you will know it's an amazing web development platform. At Red Crackle, we have experienced first-hand the wonders Drupal can do for websites. And it’s time for us to pay tribute to our favorite platform with 5 fun facts!
Fact #1: Drupal was never meant to be a web development platform!
In 2001, a 21-year old Belgian launched Drupal. Dries Buytaert originally wanted the platform to be used as a message board. But fate had other plans. Buytaert converted Drupal into an open source project and there was no looking back.

Drupal facts

Fact #2: Drupal owes a lot to former presidential candidate Howard Dean!
Drupal had a pretty ordinary existence till Howard Dean's team stepped in during his primary campaign for the 2004 U.S. presidential elections. Drupal was used to create DeanSpace, an application that allowed websites and users supporting Dean to communicate with themselves.

After the campaign concluded, Dean's team continued working on building a Drupal-based web platform to aid political activism. And Drupal’s beginning as a web development platform took off.

Fact #3: President Obama and the Drupal connection

Drupal’s strengths have been acknowledged by American government organizations. Obama’s ascension as President witnessed a platform shift by governmental agencies – they migrated their applications to Drupal.

Check out the President’s Drupal-powered site here.

Fact #4: Drupal + Educational Sector = Best Friends!

Did you know that 71 out of the world’s top 100 Universities use Drupal-powered websites? Or that close to 28% of all .edu sites run on Drupal? You might want to check out MENSA International’s site, which is run on Drupal as well!

Fact #5: Drupal’s biggest asset – a 1 million+ strong community

Drupal is supported by an enormous and active community, keen on making the platform flexible to support all kinds of websites – from simple blogs to sites that require complicated functionality. It’s no wonder then that Drupal-powered websites rose from 378,600 in March 2011 to 1,021,009 in March 2014.

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