Blog/ Free Drupal 8 Tutorials – An Exhaustive List

If you are starting to learn Drupal 8, you are probably overwhelmed by the number of blog posts that offer free tutorials on different aspects of Drupal 8. The only way to find all these tutorials is to search online. In this post, we have created an exhaustive list of the free resources online for mastering Drupal 8, organized by categories. Use these links as a reference when starting on your next Drupal 8 learning expedition. Perform a Ctrl+F search to quicky find the topic of your choice.

Getting Started

1.    Preparing your site for Drupal 8  A detailed write-up on what you should look out for.

2.    A wonderful presentation by Drupal Association – [1 Hour Video]

3.    System requirements – Get familiarized with Server and Database requirements.

4.    FAQs – The most frequently asked questions.

        5.    Drupal 8: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly! - [12-slide presentation]

        6.    Drupal 101: Installing Drupal 8 – An overview of the process

        7.    How to install Drupal 8 with MAMP – Featuring an article and video

        8.    How to install Drupal 8 in a Linux server – Featuring an article and video

        9.    10 new features in Drupal 8 Core – A detailed look from the Acquia blog

        10.  Getting up to speed with Drupal 8 – A 50-Minute Podcast

        11.  Drupal 8 Administration is Faster, Cheaper and Easier! – Drupal 8 is full of features!

12.  6 Modules you should avoid before Drupal 8 arrives – An interesting list of modules compiled by OSTraining.

13.  An introduction to Drupal 8 – [1-Hour Video]

        14.  Beginner's guide to Drupal 8 – A detailed course covering the basics

        15.  Drupal 8 for beginners – Course that explains the site building process

16.  What to expect – A preview [1-Hour Video]

17.  Getting Started – [1-Hour Video]

18.  Drupal 7 vs. Drupal 8 presentation – A look at what’s different.

19.  Why you should be excited – [3-Minute Video]

        20.  D8 Activity CardsActivity-based cards to help Drupal 7 users make the jump to Drupal 8

21.  Manually installing Drupal 8 – Creating database and running Drupal installer

22.  Fixing magic_quotes error during installation – Resolving error that appears during manual installation

23.  Logging into the Administrator Dashboard – Screenshots guiding you through the process

24.  Changing Admin password – Screenshots guiding you through the process

25.  Resetting password – Screenshots guiding you through the process

26.  Installing Drupal 8 and Initializing a GitHub Repo – [15-Minute Video]

27.  Installing Drupal 8 Beta – [6-Minute Video]

28.  10 Ways Drupal 8 Will Be More Secure – Understanding Drupal's security levels

        29.  Extending and developing Drupal 8 – Exploring why the new platform is a winner!

        30.  3 Secret Features in Drupal 8 – An interesting read

          31.   What's the big deal about Drupal 8? – Talking about how amazing it is!

        32.  Up and Running with Drupal 8 – Performing installation steps

        33.  Our First Site Built with Drupal 8 – How we did it

        34.  Resolving issues on WAMPServer during installation – Checking out error messages

        35.  Setting up Drupal 8 with Composer – Working with the official project template

        36.  Installing Drupal 8 and Composer on Windows 10 Bash – Step-by-step instructions

Developer Resources

37.  6 Steps to become a Drupal 8 developer – Lists some skills you will have to acquire to become the ideal Drupal 8 developer.

38.  Getting introduced to Object Oriented PHP – A basic intro.

39.  Object Oriented PHP – An exhaustive list of links to learn PHP through Object Oriented lenses.

        40.  Object Oriented Programming in PHP - A detailed analysis

41.  Installing Drush – [8-Minute Video]

42.  Developer Prep Course – Video tutorial series

        43.  Using Drupal Console with Drupal 8 – A presentation by Jesus Manuel Olivas.

44.  Some more Drush commands – Working around with Drush 7 commands.

45.  Entity View Hooks – Working with the hook_node_view.

46.  Updating the Search API:

1.    Creating an entity type – Creating a basic configuration entity

2.    Configuration and schema – Covering Configuration API and schema

3.    Creating your own service – Understanding and creating a service

4.    Creating plugin types – Understanding and creating a plugin

47.  Drupal 8 and MongoDB – [40-Minute Video]

48.  Getting started with forms – An intro to using forms in Drupal 8

49.  Difference between procedural and Object Oriented Programming – [4-Minute Video]

50.  How to install BuildAModule's Drupal 8 snapshot – [4-Minute Video]

51.  Comparing adding pages in Drupal 7 and Drupal 8 – [1-Minute Video]

52.  Drupal 8 for site builders – [50- Minute Video]

53.  Building fast websites – [53- Minute Video]

54.  Intro to Drupal 8 Vocabulary – [36-Minute Video]

        55.  Vocabulary: An Intro

        56.  Drupal 8 Custom Plugin Types – Exploring the plugin system

        57.  Configure PHPStorm to debug Drupal 8 – A detailed guide

        58.  Intro to using Drupal and Composer – Understanding Composer

        59.  Working with settings.local.php – What’s new

        60.  Learning Object-Oriented PHP

               1.    Understanding Object Oriented PHP - Getting started with the basics

               2.    Getting acquainted with the concept of Inheritance – With code examples

               3.    Getting acquainted with the concept of Dependency Injection - With code examples

               4.    Getting acquainted with the concept of Interface – With code examples

               5.    Getting acquainted with the concept of Traits – With code examples

       61.  Introducing Drupal 8's Entity Validation API – Understanding the effectiveness of this API

       62.  Adding responsive images – Preparing your site to handle responsive images

       63.  Logging messages – Creating the equivalent of Drupal 7's watchdog() function

       64.  Dynamic Page Cache – Getting to know Dynamic Page Cache

       65.  Using Drush 8 – What you need to know

       66.  Installing with MAMP – Getting introduced to Drupal 8 installation with MAMP

       67.  Updating your Nginx config to support Drupal 8 – How to update present configuration? 

       68.  aGov for Drupal 8 – Discussing the first Alpha release

       69.  Adding a custom Date Format – The process is a lot simpler

       70.  Exploring what's new with Comments – Discovering the revamped Comments feature

       71.  Replacing hook_drush_command() by a YAML file – Creating a hook_drush_command() that is a nested array of numbers and strings

       72.  Creating Adaptable Content – Understanding the concept

       73.  Content types – Exploring the different Content Types available

       74.  How to create a basic page – Creating pages to display static content

       75.  Adding a new article – Creating pages to display dynamic content

       76.  Creating a custom content type – Defining a content type of your choice

       77.  Adding a node to a menu – Adding a content page to the menu

       78.  Changing aliases for nodes – Adding descriptive identifiers for URLs

       79.  Creating a new revision – A new feature

       80.  Promoting content to the front page – Displaying content on the homepage

       81.  Changing content preview length – Changing the length of content on homepage

       82.  Changing content on your homepage – Making changes to homepage content

       83.  Using the Drupal 8 Contrib Porting Tracker – Making porting of contrib projects a lot easier

       84.  Extending and developing Drupal 8 – Exploring the way to extend and develop the platform

       85.  Real World Drupal 8 For Front-End Developers – Why Developers will love Drupal 8

       86.  Working with Responsive Images – Creating images that work on all computing platforms

       87.  Headless Hello World – Creating a simple Headless Hello World

       88.  Enabling the classloader cache – Working with the code

       89.  Creating the Drupal Cron Queue worker – Defining your own QueueWorker plugin

       90.  Configuration tips for developers – Useful tips and examples

       91.  Goodbye Drush Make, Hello Composer: Installing and setting up a project with Composer

       92.  Clientside validation for Drupal 8 – Working with 2 modules for clientside validation

       93.  Life after hook_page_alter – Checking out the new hooks

       94.  Working with Gulp and BrowserSync – Performing front-end testing

       95.  Setting up a multi-site – Working with cPanel

       96.  User registration and login only with e-mail address – A simple resolution with code

       97.  Drupal 8 Developer Experience – [35-Minute Video]

       98.  Drupal 8 info for CTOs – 24 important highlights

       99.  High Availability Drupal 8 on Microsoft Azure – Going through the components required for working with Microsoft Azure

     100.  Working with Vagrant and Docker – [20-Minute Video]

     101.  Queue API – Placing items in a queue to run later

     102.  Porting Entityqueue to Drupal 8 – Lessons learnt

     103.  Checking for a specific user role – Using code

     104.  Benchmarking PHP 7 vs HHVM – Using Drupal 8.0.1 as the platform

     105.  Building edge-to-edge sites using Paragraphs Module – Creating Paragraph types

     106.  Create powerful container paragraphs – Using container and nest paragraph types

     107.  Getting acquainted with BigPipe – Enhancing page load times

     108.  Working with hook_form_alter() - Working with code

     109.  Building a custom calendar module in Drupal 8 – Performing the steps programmatically

     110.  Unloading jQuery – Getting rid of jQuery dependencies when not required

     111.  From Request to Response – A journey into Drupal 8 internals

     112.  Building Multi-step forms – Using code

     113.  Adding new html tagsUsing #attached

     114.  Exploring Cache API – Examining improvements over Drupal 7

     115.  Continuous Translation in Drupal 8 - The Lingotek Experience

     116.  How to build Drupal 8 Slideshows – Setting up your first Slideshow

     117.  Arriving at the right Drupal 8 test – An analysis

     118.  Installation in Windows with XAMPP – Working with the XAMPP package

     119.  Drush 8 on Mac OSX and MAMP – Running on OS X El Capitan

     120.  Scheduled Updates module – Exploring how it works

     121.  Tour module – Understanding the module

     122.  "Fields pending deletion" exception – An easy fix

     123.  Redesigning the content creation page – Understanding the process

     124.  Admin Toolbar – Understanding the functionality

     125.  Managing articles using Taxonomy – Creating Vocabulary

     126.  Trick to style Views Fields – Using functions

     127.  Internal Page Cache and Internal Dynamic Page Cache – Exploring new modules

     128.  Installing and using Swift Mailer

              – Working with the Alpha1 version

              - Configuration & Implementation 

     129.  Display Extender Plugin – Understanding the plugin

     130.  Understanding Logging – Working with logs

     131.  Image styles and sizes in Drupal 8 – Optimizing images

     132.  10 Pointers for new developers – Insights for newbies

     133.  Cheatsheet for Developers – Convenient coding tips

     134.  Decorated services in Drupal 8 – Understanding services

     135.  Contact + Contact Storage (contrib) Module as a Webform/Entityform Replacement – Getting rid of inadequacies in Drupal 8

     136.  Working with Metatag module – Understanding this module

     137.  Display Paragraphs Edge-to-edge using Bootstrap – Configuring Bootstrap theme and modifying the page template

     138.  Differences between Simple XML Sitemap AND XML Sitemap – Understanding the features of each module

     139.  Understanding Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) module – Creating pages that are compliant with AMP standards

     140.  Image Effects module – Working with its features

     141.  Generating URLs and Redirects – Moving on from l(), drupal_get_destination() and drupal_goto()

     142.  Understanding Drupal Console – Getting acquainted with the CLI tool

     143.  Breadcrumbs – Adding the current page

     144.  Adding Disqus comments – Installing the module and configuring the site

     145.  Admin Best Practices – Understanding roles

     146.  Creating pop-up windows – Exploring the convenience offered by modal windows

     147.  Web services – An intro by Larry Garfield

     148.  Drupal development tips – Quality and helpful pointers

     149.  Managing CSS and JavaScript files – Using Libraries

     150.   Understanding Page Manager and Panels – [14-Minute Video]

     151.  Typed Data and data validation – Understanding the concept

     152.  Service module – Understanding the working

     153.  Base Entity Types – Exploring differences between Configuration Entity and Content Entity

     154.  Working with Block Visibility Groups - Creating Conditional Layouts

     155.  Creating custom HTML Classes in a Block Region – Using Classy as base theme

     156.  Enabling "Development mode" on a local Drupal 8 site - Going through the steps

     157.  Deploying Drupal 8 Pantheon Site locally on Acquia Dev Desktop – Steps for easier install

     158.  Disabling cache during development – Understanding the caching mechanism

     159.  Updating the core – Manual updation

     160.  Understanding Linkit - What does it do

     161.  Using Cache Tags with Varnish and Purge - Making cached content expiration easier

     162.  Search API – [3-Minute Video]  

     163.  Exploring simpleSAMLphp Authentication – A detailed look at its working

     164.  Site building – Modeling data with fields

     165.  Drupal development tips – [6-Minute Video]

     166.  Overriding configuration values in settings.php – An example of a simple config form value override

     167.  Writing custom Drush commands – Understanding what's different from Drupal 7

     168.  Injecting services in plugins – Understanding the basics

     169.  Exploring the Supercache module – Understanding how it boosts performance

     170.  Exploring the Coffee module – Learning what it does

     171.  Using AppCache to take a website offline - A brief look

     172.  Learning about Origin Pull CDN - Understanding its working

     173.  Super Login module – Understanding its potential 

     174.  Developing Drupal 8 as a help center - Working with the WalkHub Help Widget

     175.  Understanding the breakpoints.yml file better – What is its purpose?

     176.  Sharing Breakpoints Between Drupal 8 and Sass – Understanding capabilities of the Breakpoint module

     177.  Upgrade paths between Drupal 8 module versions – Using code

     178.  Working with the Layout Plugin module to create layouts – [7 Minute video]

     179.  Exploring Monolog module – Making use of the Monolog PHP logging library

     180.  Exploring Display Suite module – Understanding its drag and drop interface

     181.  Inserting a contact form in a content type – Using the Contact Storage module

     182.  Porting Token module – A series of steps encountered

     183.  Introducing HTTP API for Drupal 8 Entity Queries – Working with Entity Query API 

     184.  Hosting Drupal 8 on DigitalOcean – List of resources

     185.  Launching Inventory Control System – Using Commerce 8.x-2.0-alpha4 on Drupal 8.1

     186.  Migrating a custom JSON feed – Using Migrate Source JSON

     187.  Checking out the new /core/rebuild.php – A brief look at its prowess

     188.  Understanding PLUpload Integration – Working with the PLUpload widget

     189.  Saving and retrieving taxonomy terms – Programmatically

     190.  Using #Drupal Console and Composer For Faster Development – Set of instructions

     191.  Creating a Search Page - [10-Min Video + Screenshots]

     192.  Preparing a Search strategy – Understanding the ingredients

     193.  Understanding Decoupled Blocks Module – Examining a proven model

     194.  Exploring the Brightcove Video Connect module – Understanding its architecture

     195.  Running Drupal 8 on PHP 7 – Understanding how Drupal 8 deployment is possible

     196.  Understanding the new CKEditor plugins – A brief look

     197.  Understanding Faceted Search – Using Search API Solr and Facets

     198.  Understanding the Workbench module – What it has in store

     199.  Creating breadcrumbs – How different is it from Drupal 7?

     200.  Speeding up #Drupal8 block rendering – Using

     201.  Restricting Access to Content – Using the Content Access module

     202.  Brief look at web service solutions - Comparison of different service modules

     203.  Programmatically granting a role to a user – It’s easier to accomplish than in Drupal 7

     204.  Retrieving Entities from MongoDB – Creating a plugin

     205.  Working with PathAuto – Step-by-step instructions with screenshots

     206.  Registering an Event Subscriber – Using Code

     207.  Working with Acquia Bolt – Understanding the development tool

     208.  Working with BEM inspired classes – Applying them to themes

     209.  Understanding Event Subscribers – Using them as alternative to Alter Hooks

     210.  Hosted Apache Solr – Supporting Search API Solr

     211.  Before starting your first project – 5 Recommendations

     212.  Organic Groups and Message Stack – Understanding its present state

     213.  Exploring the Media Entity moduleUnderstanding what it has in store for you

     214.  Building forms – Using them as fieldable entities

     215.  Debugging – Understanding Kint

     216.  Understanding the Inline Entity Form moduleWhat does it do?

     217.  Configuration Workflows – Exploring some workflows to manage site configuration

     218.  Adding a custom CKEditor plugin - Enhancing content authoring

     219.  Paragraphs vs. ECK – A comparison

     220.  Working with Drupal 8, Pantheon & GitKraken – An Introduction

     221.  Using the Template Method pattern – Working better with software design patterns

     222.  Creating a Form Table – Using code

     223.  Understanding Lightning distro module – Exploring the starter kit

     224.  Writing a PHPUnit test – Step-by-step procedure

     225.  Debugging site performance using Web Profiler - [11-Minute video]

     226.  Debugging – Disabling cache and displaying messages

     227.  Code snippets for Site Builders – Useful tips

     228.  Managing media – Understanding Media Entity module

     229.  Google Analytics module – Understanding its potential

     230.  Creating a CKEditor plugin – Uploading images in between paragraphs

     231.  Routing tricks – For better admin URLs

     232.  Adding language id to the body class – Adding them to themes

     233.  Injecting Dependencies – Using a Block plugin

     234.  Understanding Permissions by Term module – Exploring its utility value

     235.  Understanding BigPipe Drupal 8 module – Exploring its benefits

     236.  Adding ReactJS in Drupal 8 with Composer – Using code

     237.  Loading JS and CSS libraries in a Drupal 8 controller – Using code

     238.  Applying patches with Composer – Using code

     239.  Working with the QueueWorker plugin – Understanding the php files to be created

     240.  Overview of the Commerce 2.x module for online stores – Step-by-step instructions

     241.  Working with batch processes – Creating a module to test a scenario

     242.  Using the Entity Print module – Understanding its utility value

     243.  Understanding class aliasing – Working with namespaces


     244.  Creating a custom menu – Building your own menu from the Admin interface

     245.  Adding items to a menu – Adding links to your menu from the Admin interface

     246.  Assigning a menu to your pages – Using Block Layout to assign pages

     247.  Changing order of links in menus – Reassigning the order of links

     248.  Deleting a custom menu – Removing a menu you created

     249.  Disabling menus – Disabling main and secondary menus

     250.  Generating menu items – Learning about Derivative plugins

     251.  New Menu Management – Creating a custom menu

     252.  Menus, Console and Entity load/save basics – Understanding Drupal Console and the Menu System better

     253.  Working with db_select – Seeing the queries being generated

     254.  Changing user display name – A simple run through the process

     255.  Understanding the CKEditor CodeSnippet module – A step-by-step guide

     256.  Incremental upgradation to Drupal 8 – [13-Minute Video]

     257. Creating a custom field – With sample code

     258.  Understanding the Twig Tweak module – A step-by-step guide

     259.  Sending a mail programmatically – With code

     260.  Getting started with theme development – Using the Drupal Console

     261.  Accessibility features - What's different from Drupal 7

     262.  Modules for site builders – A few useful and must-have modules

     263.  Creating a custom Views Sort plugin – With code and screenshots

     264.  Styling the HTML <select> tag so that it appears similar in different browsers – Using code

     265.  Configuring SMTP using Swift Mailer Module - Understanding the module

     266.  Working with Lightning, a Drupal 8 distribution - Understanding its value

     267.  Applying patches using Composer - A step-by-step guide


     268.  Dries talks about Views in Drupal 8

     269.  Guide to Views in Core – Learn about Drupal 8’s brand-new feature.

     270.  How to create a View – Detailed article featuring screenshots.

     271.  Exploring the improved displays in Views – The new view displays are worth a try!

     272.  Creating your first RESTful View – Learn how Views interact with REST services in Drupal 8.

     273.  Creating custom Views field – Adding a field to any node-based View.

     274.  Creating custom Views filter – Adding a custom filter to the view.

     275.  Display Modes – A 14-Minute Video

     276.  Adding a Views filter – Using code to achieve this

     277.  How to theme Drupal 8 views by overriding default templatesIdentifying a custom theme and adding bootstrap 3 css and javascript files

     278.  Using views in Drupal 8 – A basic run-through

     279.  Creating Tabs with Views – [3-Minute Video]

     280.  Attaching a CSS or JS library to a View – Using a custom module

Twig - Drupal 8's new Avatar

     281.  What’s new for Themers? – An intro to Twig and what’s new in Drupal 8 theming.

     282.  Theming Fundamentals – Building a theme from scratch.

     283.  The anatomy of Theming – A deeper look into how theming works in Drupal 8.

     284.  Twig and Responsive Images – 1-Hour Podcast

     285.  An analysis of base themes - which ones are working and which are not

     286.  Themes for beginners – An overview of easy to deploy themes

     287.  Discovering theme creation in Drupal 8 – Exploring in detail

     288.  Building a theme – Using Sass, Singularity, Breakpoint, LiveReload and Gulp

     289.  Getting twiggy with it! – Converting an existing theme to a Drupal 8 one.

     290.  Theme with Sass, Singularity & Breakpoint – An exhaustive theming article.

     291.  Debugging Twig – Working with the debug option.

     292.  DrupalCamp Theming Presentation  [Link to PDF in page]

     293.  Building a theme A look at what’s changed in Drupal 8.

     294.  Enabling/disabling themes – Enable and disable themes via the admin console

     295.  Uploading a new theme – Customize a site by uploading a theme of your choice

     296.  Changing the default theme – Setting another theme as the default one

     297.  Changing color sets – Exploring different color options

     298.  Customizing theme colors – Choosing custom colors for a site

     299.  Disabling Drupal logo – Disabling logo from the header

     300.  Setting custom logos – Adding a logo of your choice

     301.  Uploading a custom favicon – Replacing the stock Drupal favicon

     302.  Modules Unraveled: All you need to know about theming [1 Hour Podcast]

     303.  Up and Theming with Drupal 8 – Learning what's new

     304.  How to use theme libraries – Configuring themes with .yml files

     305.  Adding Google Fonts to a Drupal 8 Theme - Using the libraries method

     306.  Installing a Bootstrap subtheme – Using CDN

     307.  Using Twig – Comparison with PHPTemplate

     308.  Creating links within Twig Templates using path() and url() – Working with routes

     309.  Working with Twig – Creating a theme

     310.  Theming tips for developers – Understanding the concept of themes

     311.  Defining and using libraries - New functionality for Theming

     312.  Theming Best Practices - Understanding theming

     313.  5 Ready Themes – Helping themers have a better experience

     314.  Theming Views – Custom Style Plugins

     315.  Choosing Modules and Themes – Based on Drupal 8 compatibility as of March 30, 2016

     316.  Building theme using Bootstrap and LESS – A step-by-step guide

     317.  Including SVG icons in a Drupal 8 theme – Using Gulp

     318.  Create a custom Twig filter – Using an example

     319.  Crafting custom Theme Hook Suggestions and Templates – With code and screenshots

     320.  Using the right tools for theming – 5 recommended tools

     321.  Working with base core themes  – Understanding their worthiness

     322.  Debugging TWIG templates – Using PHPStorm and XDebug

Configuration Management

     323.  An intro to Configuration Management (Part 1) – A look at how the configuration system works.

     324.  An intro to Configuration Management (Part 2)

     325.  A complete introduction to Drupal 8 Configuration Management To make a development-live site workflow

     326.  A walkthrough – Exploring the new Configuration Management system.

     327.  Working with the Configuration Module Filter in Drush 8 – Analyzing how --skip-modules flag can be helpful

     328.  An in-depth analysis of CMI – [50-Min Video]

     329.  Per environment config - Using Drush

     330.  CMI Overview – Understanding Configuration data

     331.  Drupal 8 Configuration Management – Solving the Configuration Conundrum

     332.  Configuration tips and examples – Making things easier for developers

     333.  Understanding the relevance of Configuration Management – Going through the basics

     334.  Configuration Workflows – Managing site configuration

     335.  Adding config to a Drupal 8 site – Understanding with a simple use case

Field API

     336.  Comparing the old and new Field API – Understanding what’s new.

     337.  Writing Custom FieldsAn article that's based on presentations made at DrupalCamp London

     338.  Creating a custom field

              1.  Field type – Creating a field type file and providing details for it

              2.  Field Drupal widget – Creating a field widget to associate with the type

              3.  Field Formatter – Creating a formatter to associate with the type

     339.  Creating Custom Field Formatters in Drupal 8  Defining a custom field formatter for an existing field.

     340.  5 New Fields – Making things easier for users

     341.  Field API Series:

1.    Field Formatters – Using Plugin API to create field formatters

2.    Field Widgets – Using Plugin API to create fields

3.    Entity Displays – Discussing Entity Field API

     342.  Display Suite FieldsCreating a custom Display Suite Field

     343.  Writing custom fields

              1.      Part 1

              2.      Part 2


     344.  An introduction to Blocks API – Getting used to Blocks API.

     345.  Creating a block – [30-Minute Video]

     346.  Creating a block in seconds – Using Console to build a block quickly.

     347.  Exploring the Block Plugin API – A walk through creating a block.

     348.  Creating a block programmatically – [Video & Screenshots]

     349.  Configuring a block – Creating a simple block type and adding a form for it.

     350.  Creating a custom block – A simple block creation via function.

     351.  Programmatically creating a block – A useful article for creating Blocks.

     352.  Understanding custom block types – Analyzing the two new modules

     353.  Adding CSS Classes to Blocks in Drupal 8 – Using code

     354.  Working with Custom Blocks – Using a script

     355.  Creating a Custom Block – Using script

     356.  Creating a custom block and assigning a region to it – With screenshots


     357.  Introduction to modules – All you need to know about modules

     358.  Activating modules – Enabling a module via the admin interface

     359.  Installing a module – Downloading and installing a module

     360.  My first Drupal 8 module – Creating a custom module.

     361.  Creating a simple module – Understanding what's changed

     362.  Creating your first module – Taking you through the steps

     363.  Say Hello World to Drupal 8! – How’s creating a module in Drupal 8 different from that of Drupal 7?

     364.  Exploring a new world of modules – An interesting write-up on what’s new.

     365.  Converting a Drupal 7 module into a Drupal 8 one – Exploring the steps required for module conversion.

     366.  Writing a Hello World module – Writing a module from scratch.

     367.  Creating a module – [10-Minute Video]

     368.  Module Development

               1.  Getting started – Setting up a simple modules

               2.  Forms – Exploring the changes Symfony has brought about

               3.  Plugins – How plugins work with modules

     369.  Module Development Presentation – [Link to slides provided on page]

     370.  Build a Module: 

        1.    Routing, Controllers and Menu Links – Looking at what's new

2.    Blocks and Forms – Working with blocks and forms

3.    Config and the Service Container – Working with ConfigFormBase

4.    EntityFieldQuery – Checking out the new EntityFieldQuery class

5.    Symfony Event Dispatcher – Exploring how the Symfony Event Dispatcher works

371.  Creating your own simple module – [20-Minute Video]

372.  Setting up basic module scaffolding [3-Minute Video]

373.  The .info.yml file, YAML and type attribute[3-Minute Video]

374.  Adding a page programmatically with a module[6-Minute Video]

375.  Adding a hook_page_alter() and hook_form_alter()[5-Minute Video]

376.  Reviewing code in Controller class file [2-Minute Video]

377.  Reviewing code in the routing.yml file - [3-Minute Video]

378.  Reviewing code in the hook_menu() code[1-Minute Video]

        379.  Creating your first moduleA detailed approach with codes

        380.  Making a Drupal 8 Contrib Module A 2-Hour Video

        381.  Creating links with custom classes in Drupal 8 Modules – A brief look

        382.  Building Drupal 8 modules – A comprehensive guide

Content Updates - the new Inline Editing feature

383.   WYSIWYG and In-line Editing[5-Minute Video]

384.   Exploring Inline Editing in Drupal 8 – [9-Minute Video]

385.   WYSIWYG, inline and responsive images – Exploring content updates.

386.   Inline Editing An in-depth look

        387.   Inline Editing – [3-Minute Video]


388.   Enabling the Forum module – Enabling Forum module from the Admin section

389.   Removing an existing forum – Screenshots show how to delete an existing forum

390.   Creating a new forum – Screenshots show how to create a new forum

391.    Configuring forum settings – Configuring settings from the Admin section

Contact Forms

392.    Configuring a contact form – Creating a form that accepts feedback and captures an email address

393.    Adding a contact form to the menu – Attaching the form to the menu


394.    Creating a blog and overview of Configuration API[22-Minute Video]

395.    Installing the Blog module – Enabling Blog module for your site

396.    Making a blog entry – Adding blog entries

397.    Creating a comment section – Creating and customizing the comment field

398.    Disabling comments – Turning off comments for a specific post

        399.    Building a Blog

                   1.        Content types and fields – Understanding the blog content type

                   2.        Adding comments – Working with the Comment field

                   3.        Using Views – Working with the Frontpage view

                   4.        Drupal Commerce

                   5.        Creating and Managing Menus 

                   6.        Custom Contact Forms

        400.    What to expect – A look at how Drupal 8 will propel Drupal Commerce to become the best online retail solution ever!

Upgrade & Migration

        401.    Now or later?An Acquia article

402.    3 Reasons for upgrading your Drupal 6 site – Getting mentally prepared for the upgrade.

403.    Migration Checklist – A list of to-dos.

404.      Upgrading considerations – What you should look out for

405.    Getting Ready for Drupal 8Setting your priorities right!

406.    Drupal 7 to Drupal 8 Migration – Observations

407.    Migrating Nodes from Drupal 7 – Migrating the built-in Article content type and creating a dynamic migration path.

408.    Migrating content – Talks about the in-built features available for facilitating migration.

        409.   On Drupal 6? Here are your options An interactive presentation.

        410.   You should be Building in Drupal 8 now! - Understanding the scope

        411.   Migrating from Drupal 6 with a custom process plugin Creating a custom plugin to make things easier for you

        412.   Improving Drupal 8 performanceMoving cache away from the Database

        413.   Using the Deploy module – Exploring how things work

        414.   A simple Drupal 7 to 8 migration – Exploring the functionality offered by Migrate

        415.   Updating Nginx Configuration – Updating Nginx config files for smooth transition to Drupal 8

        416.   Migration – A look at all the modules involved

        417.   Drupal 8 migration status and surprises – Migrating from Drupal 6 

        418.   Migrating from a custom site – Exploring the Migration framework

        419.  Backup and Restore – Restoring a Drupal 8 site

        420.  Backing up a Drupal 8 Database to S3 with Drush & Jenkins – Using  s3cmd

        421.  Deciding when to Upgrade – Looking at some reasons to take upgrades seriously

        422.  Exploring Migration in the core – Writing migrations

        423.  Reducing risks using Backup & Restore – Being prepared

        424.  Drupal 6 to 8 – Custom content migration

        425.  Upgrading to Drupal 8 - What you need to know

        426.  Custom Content Migration from Drupal 6 to 8.1 – Without code

        427.  Drupal 7 to 8 Migration – Observations

        428.  Getting the Install Profile ready for Drupal 8 - Understanding what's different

RESTful Web Services

429.  Creating a standard RESTful Web Service – Trying out the new web services.

430.    Creating a RESTful View – Creating your first RESTful View.

431.    Drupal 8 RESTful services – [Webinar]

432.    RESTful Web Services in 3 Easy Steps – Working with the RESTful API.

433.    RESTful services in core [22-Minute Video]

        434.    Using REST Export with Views - Exporting article content type through Views

        435.    How to create a REST API Export in Drupal 8It's a lot simpler than Drupal 7!

        436.    Retrieving Content Using Backbone.js – Using Backbone.js and Drupal 8 as a RESTFUL.API

        437.    REST Requests – Examining out-of-the-box features

        438.  3 Tips for using REST APIs – Helpful hints

        439.  Creating a Multimedia Installation – Using REST API

        440.  REST-aware Routing – Understanding new API capabilities

        441.  Creating custom REST resources for POST methods – Using code

        442.  Using contact forms via REST – With code and screenshots

        443.  Understanding Drupal 8 REST module better – Going through REST basics

Multilingual Support

444.    Understanding Drupal 8’s multi-lingual support – Exploring the world of multi-lingual sites.

445.    New Multilingual Features – [14-Minute Video]

446.    Drupal Multilingual Tutorial:

1.    Language First – Exploring the language option during installation.

2.    Core modules associated with languages – Checking out different modules associated with improving multilingual experience.

3.    Language setup features – Exploring language setup features provided by Language module.

4.    Detection and selection options – More flexible and sophisticated.

5.    Language assignment – Extensive language recognition and assignment.

6.    Right to left (RTL) language support – Exploring RTL language support.

7.    Language visibility and filtering – Understanding the extent of language visibility.

8.    Transliteration – Exploring the built-in transliteration support.

9.    Automated translation downloads – Checking out translation updates.

10.  Translation API – Exploring the new APIs for software translation.

11.  String customizations tracked – Tracking customizations done to translation preferences.

12.  English language setting improvements – Configuring English as a translation target.

13.  Enhanced software translation UI – Exploring the UI to make translation customizations.

14.  Intro to content and configuration – Exploring extent of multilingual support for content and configuration.

15.  Configuration translation basics – Exploring core features for translation.

16.  Configuration translation development – Helping developers work with configuration translation.

17.  Content translation basics – Discussing the Content translation module.

18.  Core content translation workflow – Using workflows to specify how the content is translated

19.  Content translation development – Using APIs to translate entities

        447.  Multilingual Blog View With no Duplicates – And no post omissions

        448.  Building a new multilingual Drupal 8 site – Using an example

Mobile Initiative

449.    Drupal 8 Mobile Initiative[19-Minute Video]

        450.    Mobile-focusedDrupal 8 is highly mobile-friendly!

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