Blog/ How to create a content type in Drupal?

In this article, you will be learning how to create a custom content type for your Drupal site.

The only pre-requisite for this is that you must have admin rights.

  1. Start by clicking on Structure.structure in Drupal
  2. Proceed by clicking on Content types.content types in Drupal
  3. Proceed by clicking on the +Add content type.add content type in Drupal
  4. Next, add a suitable name for the content type in the Name box and briefly explain its use in the Description box.edit content type in Drupal
  5. The Title field label is shown when creating this type of content. Add a suitable title in the Title field label box. Leave the Preview before submitting it to Optional.submission form settings in Drupal
  6. Under the Publishing options, choose your default options for your new content type.publishing options in Drupal
  7. Next, under Display settings, choose whether or not to show author and date information in the content item, by selecting or unselecting Display author and date information.display settings in Drupal
  8. Next, under Menu settings choose the menus where you want this content to be added to. Finally, proceed by clicking on Save and manage and manage fields in Drupal
  9. You will be prompted by this message.message in Drupal
  10. Go to Add content and your newly added content type will be visible.saved content type in Drupal
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