Blog/ How to create a custom block in Drupal?

  1. Click on Structure on the top left.structure in Drupal
  2. Next click on Block layout.block layout in Drupal
  3. Proceed by clicking on Custom block library.custom block library in Drupal
  4. Click on + Add custom block.add custom block in Drupal
  5. On the Add custom block page, write a brief description of the block. Next enter the data or upload pictures in the body.add custom block page in Drupal
  6. Finally, proceed by clicking on in Drupal
  7. You’ll see a message stating that your block has been created, and you’ll be able to see your block, under Block Description.block description in Drupal
  8. Next, navigate to Block layout.navigate to block layout in Drupal
  9. Scroll down. Find the region where you wish to place your block, and click on Place block. We are going to place the block in the Sidebar first block in Drupal
  10. Find your block and click on Place block.placing block in Drupal
  11. You can restrict the pages on which this block will be visible. In our case, we want to show this block only along side Basic page content. So we selected Basic page. Click on Save block.saving block in Drupal
  12. You will see this message, which means that the block has been added message in Drupal
  13. Navigate to your page to view the changes.saved page in Drupal
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