Blog/ How to publish content in Drupal?

First, get all your material and content ready. Make sure all your files and content are in one place that you wish to upload. Suppose you’re uploading a blog post, make sure the data and relevant pictures are ready. Next, follow these steps:

  1. On your Drupal homepage, click on Content, on the top left corner.content in Drupal
  2. You will be greeted by a Content page. Proceed by clicking on +Add content.add content in Drupal
  3. Next, you will land on the Add content page. You can see two options. Depending on the type of content you wish to publish, click on any one. We are proceeding with the Article option.article in Drupal
  4. Next, you need to enter the desired title in the Title Block. Below it enter your content or upload relevant pictures in the Body Block.create article in Drupal
  5. On the right side, click on Authoring Information. We are selecting the Sticky at top of lists so that our page shows on top. This step is optional.promotion options in Drupal
  6. Finally, scroll down and check the Published option and click on in Drupal
  7. Here is what your page will look like:saved page in Drupal
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