Blog/ How to set homepage in Drupal?

Before you proceed to set a homepage for your site, there is just one pre-requisite. You must already have a homepage created on Drupal. Keep the URL of your homepage in mind and follow these steps.

  1. Start by clicking on Configuration.configuration in Drupal
  2. On the right side, click on Basic site settings, below System.system in Drupal
  3. Navigate down to Front Page. The default URL for the homepage is /node. Delete it and enter the URL of your homepage. We have entered /home, as it is the URL of our homepage.front page in Drupal
  4. Next, scroll down and click on Save configuration in Drupal
  5. You will see this message meaning you have successfully set your homepage.saved message in Drupal
  6. Navigate to your homepage to confirm that it displays your selected homepage, and you are done!homepage in Drupal
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