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The Views Exposed Filter functionality helps users select or filter data on the display. In our example, we are going to cover the basic steps involved to use the Views Exposed Filter.

Here, we are going to create a views display with content titles by setting an exposed filter for the content types. The resulting display will look similar to the one below:

Views Exposed Filter screen

For achieving this, we need to do the following steps.

  1. Create a View

Click "Structure" [Manage >> Structure] on the administration menu or go to the path "admin/structure".

Click Structure

Then click "Views" or go to the path "admin/structure/views".

Click Views

Click "Add new view" or go to the path "admin/structure/views/add".

Add new view

In the new form, type in Views Exposed Filter  in the "Views name" field. Tick the box against the "Create a page" field.

Provide a value to the "Path" field. Here we are providing the path views-exposed-filter.

Under "Display format", select Unformatted list  and titles from the dropdowns. Click "Save and edit". Refer the following picture for more details.

Configure the View

2. Add the filter field to be exposed

In the Views Display settings page, click "Add" in the "FILTER CRITERIA" section. 

Add the filter

You will get a configuration page similar to the one shown below:

Click Apply

Scroll down and select "Content: Type". Click "Apply (all displays)". You will get the "Configure filter criterion: Content: Type" box as shown below:

Tick the Expose filter box

Tick the box against "Expose this filter to visitors, to allow them to change it" and click "Apply". Save the view and go to the path earlier defined by you (views-exposed-filter). Your display will be similar to the one below:

Final screen






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Can a view block have a exposed filters ?

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