Blog/ How to use the All in one WP Migration plugin for WordPress?

Exporting your website:

  1. Open the Dashboard from the top left on your website.dashboard in WordPress
  2. On the left side click on All-in-One WP Migration.All-in-One WP Migration
  3. Below Export Site, click on Export To. A drop-down list will appear. Next click on File. The other export options require a payment.Export Site
  4. Now you can click on the download button to download your site

Importing your website:

  1. Hover your cursor above All-in-One WP Migration and click on Import.All-in-One Migration Import
  2. Next click on Import From, and then click on File. Windows explorer will open up. Locate and open the file that you previously saved.import site
  3. After the file opens, you will be prompted by a message. Click on Proceed.proceed
  4. That’s it you’re done. The website has been imported successfully.

Creating Backup of your website:

  1. Hover the cursor above All-in-One WP Migration and click on Backups.All-in-One Migration Backups
  2. Next click on Create Backup. This creates a backup on the server itself, which you can also download.backups
  3. You can download the backup by clicking on backup
  4. You can also delete the backup by clicking on Delete.delete
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