Blog/ How to change URL of a page in WordPress

When you create a new page, WordPress automatically creates a URL by the name of that page’s title. This might not always be what you want. Sometimes you may need to create a custom URL for certain pages.

Follow these steps to easily change any page’s URL!

  1. Open the Dashboard from the top left side of your website.opening dashboard in WordPress
  2. On the left sidebar, hover your cursor above Pages, and click on All Pages.opening all pages in WordPress
  3. All your pages will appear before you. Hover your cursor above the page whose URL you wish to modify and click on Edit. In our case, we are editing the Blog page.editing your page in WordPress
  4. Click anywhere on the Title Block.clicking on title block in WordPress
  5. Next, on the top right, click on on edit in WordPress
  6. Enter your desired URL. In our case, we have edited it to “wordpress-blogs”. After editing the URL, click on Save.enter your URL in WordPress
  7. After saving, you can see the updated link above the title block. You are not done just yet. You need to click on Update on the top right on update in WordPress
  8. You will receive this message, meaning your URL has been successfully updated in WordPress
  9. Here is the updated URL.updated URL in WordPress
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