Blog/ How to change your fonts in WordPress?

In this article you will be learning how to change the default font in WordPress.

First you will need to install a plugin before you can change your fonts.

Installing Easy Google Fonts plugin

  1. Open the Dashboard from the top left on your website.dashboard in WordPress
  2. On the left sidebar scroll down, hover above Plugins, and click on Add New.add new plugin in WordPress
  3. Search for Easy Google Fonts, and proceed by clicking on Install Now.install easy google fonts in WordPress
  4. Next, click on Activate.activate in WordPress
  5. The Easy Google Fonts plugin will be successfully installed.

Changing your fonts

  1. Navigate to the left sidebar, hover your cursor above Appearance and click on Customize.customize in WordPress
  2. Proceed by clicking on Typography.typography in WordPress
  3. Next, click on Default Typography.default typography in WordPress
  4. Here you can see all the different types of text for which you can change fonts. Choose the type of text you wish to edit by clicking on Edit Font. We are editing all of them.editing font in WordPress
  5. Next, click below the Font family and a drop-down list will appear. Proceed by choosing your desired font type by clicking on it. We have done this for all of them.choose font type in WordPress
  6. After making changes to all the text types, finally, click on Publish to save your settings.publishing in WordPress
  7. You can see the Published icon meaning you have saved your settings and applied your new fonts.published in WordPress
  8. Here is a preview of the page with all headings with Arial font.preview in WordPress
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