Blog/ How to edit footer through code in WordPress

Not all themes will allow you to edit the footer from settings. Some themes need to be edited through code. Follow these steps to edit a footer through changing code.

On the end of your website you may find text similar to the following. Our aim is to edit it through coding.

WordPress Original Footer

  1. Open the dashboard from the top left on your website.Dashboard link in WordPress
  2. From the left menu, hover above Appearance and click on Theme editor.Theme Editor link in WordPress
  3. On the right side, below Theme Files, find and click on Theme Footer.Theme Footer link in WordPress
  4. Now the code file will open. You need to comment the lines that appear in the footer. There are two elements: Copyright 2020 and Powered by WordPress. Find these lines and add <!-- before each of them like shown in the picture below.Footer code in WordPress
  5. Add this line of code before the lines you commented out: Copyright © 2020, My Personal website | by Your name XYZ. Edit the data according to your website and your own name.Modify footer code in WordPress
  6. Finally click on Update File, and you’re all done.Update WordPress footer code file

Now verify that you see the updated footer as shown below:

Edited WordPress footer

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