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Collection King

Collection King, a client of Bsidestudios, wanted to integrate their Drupal website with the app they were developing using PhoneGap. The app makes service calls to the website and the website needs to execute the appripriate function calls and return necessary data to the app using JSON. We used the Services module for that.

We also created custom modules and documentation to provide REST API functionality to Privatemsg, User Relationships and Heartbeat modules. This way the app could use these APIs to perform various tasks, such as creating a new private message, replying to one, viewing all messages and threads for a user, requesting a user relationship, accepting or declining a request, viewing all the relationships for a user and viewing all the activities by a user. We are working on getting these modules into


Collection King is a website that allow people to search for collections ranging from antiques to jewelry. The company was creating a mobile using PhoneGap and they wanted to create services based on REST API to integrate the app with their Drupal-based website.


We installed the Services module on the website. We also created custom modules to integrate with PrivateMsg, User Relationships and Heartbeat modules. This way all the important function calls in these modules are available through REST API.


The client was extremely happy with the work which we completed on time for a fixed-price basis. The Collection King app is going to be launched soon to public so check it out when you get a chance!

Red Crackle is a team of very competent and concise developers. They are honest about the positives and negatives of any development process. They are confident with quotes and support and deliver in a timely fashion. I foresee working with Red Crackle for a long time.

               - Antonio Torres
Co-Founder, Bsidestudios

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