Elite College Sports

Case Study

Elite College Sports

Elite College Sports (ECS) provides detailed information on over 100 of the most selective colleges and universities and their varsity sports programs. They allow users to access this information on recurring subscription basis.


The client wanted to build multiple websites, one for every college sport, that allowed students to register and pay for the information about the colleges that offer a program for that sport. The access would be dependent on subscription basis which would be charged annually.


We created a multi-site solution. There was a parent site and many children site. The parent site was just informational but every child site would be for a particular sport and would host information about the college programs for that sport. We installed Drupal Commerce on each of the child sites and configured it to charge the users on annual subscription basis. Based on the state of the subscription, the role of the user would get changed automatically and the access to the information was tied to the role.


The client was satisfied with the work. Th original site was developed in 2013 and responsive theming had not been invented yet. The client approached us again recently and we are working on making the site responsive.

Just some background. After some research, I’d determined that I wanted the site developed on the Drupal platform.  I did a web search and found Red Crackle. I looked at some of the sites they’d developed and submitted a specification to them for an estimate. I found that the estimate was in the range that I was expecting, and in speaking with Neerav I felt good about working with him. 
In summary, they delivered a great product, within budget, and on time. Following their testing and delivery, there were only minor bugs and changes that we needed, and those were addressed quickly.  Neerav is always responsive, and important for me since I only deal with him via email and phone, he understands any changes that I need and gets it right. 
I’ve been in software for 20 years, and I’ve never had a project run any smoother.  We’re soon to do some extensions to our site, and I plan to use Neerav for that work, too.

- Keith Blackwell, Founder of Elite College Sports

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