Case Study


Safal Partners is a consulting firm specializing in working with state education agencies. They provide technology solutions, technical assistance and strategic communications services. 


Safal Partners wanted to create an application for their client. The application would allow Texas school textbook publishers to upload their content in a central content management system. For each grade level, a group of analysts would analyze the content submitted by the publishers, discuss the issues in a private forum and then communicate the results back to the publisher.


We made heavy use of Groups module to create private group for each grade level. Analysts evaluating content uploaded for a particular grade were made members of that group. We also integrated the application with Google Drive. All the content that got uploaded was stored in Google Drive and the access control to documents in Google Drive was provided by Drupal using REST APIs based on the roles of the users in each private group. We also created a private forum for each group where the analysts could discuss issues.


The client was ecstatic to know that they could now use a full-fledged CMS that manages all the content instead of Excel. We continue to work with the client to improve the application even further.

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