Case Study


Laserfiche, a client of The Economist, created document management software and wanted to create a blogging platform to increase the visibility of their offering.

Red Crackle created a blogging platform using Drupal. We created a custom sub-theme of Omega so that the site is responsive and can be seen well using mobile, tablet and desktop devices. The most challenging part of this site was providing selected tags to Google Analytics so that traffic can be grouped there for analysis. Each blog entry could be tagged using multiple keywords but on Google Analytics, we only wanted to see a selected few. To achieve this, we created a custom token which would filter all unwanted tags and then used this token as a custom variable in Google Analytics. As a result, Google Analytics did not have any extra tags.


Laserfiche, a client of The Economist, develops document management software. They wanted to create a blog website to educate their clients about the uses of document management. The Economist turned to Red Crackle to create a blogging platform with responsive theme.


Red Crackle created a blogging website for Laserfiche. We used an Omega sub-theme to make the site responsive. We also integrated the blog with Google Analytics and used custom coding to allow grouping of traffic in Google Analytics using taxonomy tagging.


Laserfiche was extremely happy with the site. The blogs published by The Economist on this website increased the visibility of Laserfiche's document management software.

As a project manager for the engagement, I was very pleased with the quality of work provided by Red Crackle. They are clearly knowledgeable about Drupal and web development. Where they weren't familiar with a particular module of the Drupal blog platform, they were proactive in seeking a solution to particular use case needs.

The project was also challenging in terms of timelines - from conceptualization to implementation and testing in roughly 10 calendar days, a deadline that Red Crackle was able to honour.

Finally, Neerav from Red Crackle is very responsive over e-mail and phone and was particularly conscientious about making himself available early in the morning his time so that we could accomodate the morning project team meetings of our New York-based group, and I would not hesitate to work with Red Crackle again or to recommend their work to others.

- Erin Aylor
Project Director, Content Marketing and Strategy
The Economist Group, Americas

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