Case Study


Matterport makes capturing, creating, and distributing beautiful, interactive 3D models easy and affordable. It creates a 3D camera which real estate agents can use to capture the 3D image of the property. Matterport creates a 3D tour out of this 3D image which the buyers can see before they visit the property.


The client already had the e-commerce site built using Drupal Commerce but it wasn't working correctly. They wanted us to audit the site, then fix the bugs, create APIs to integrate the e-commerce site with their application and develop a completely new theme.


We audited the site and discovered quite a few bugs. The site had recurring subscription enabled but due to the limit set in the number of subscriptions to process during a cron run, not all the customers were being charged every month. We also noted that all the automatically generated invoices were accessible publicly. Once the e-commerce site was working fine and was charging the customers correctly, we developed JWT token based APIs so that it could communicate with Matterport's core application to exchange subscription information. We also designed a completely new theme to support their new camera.


Matterport was very happy that we uncovered the issue with billing. Once the initial contract was over, they extended it to add more items to develop.

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