Netflix - Contract Management

Case Study

Netflix - Contract Management

Netflix's internal customers that used its Drupal based contract management system were not happy with the UI. The team was faced with two options:

  1. Move out of Drupal
  2. Modernize the UI

Red Crackle educated Netflix about headless Drupal in which an independent front-end JS framework could be used while keeping the back-end in Drupal. Netflix liked the concept and we, along with its internal developers, started working on converting the existing contract management system to headless Drupal. The front-end JS framework of choice was EmberJS. We created a custom module to work with the data format that EmberJS expects.

At the end of the project, Netflix got a brand new UI for their existing contract management application. They are planning to expand its use to various divisions internally.

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Netflix's contract management application was based on Drupal. The customers were not happy with Drupal UI and were complaining about it. Netflix was considering whether to migrate out of Drupal or to build a better UI in Drupal.


Red Crackle educated Netflix about headless Drupal. Along with Netflix's developers, the front-end was converted to use EmberJS framework. We created a custom EmberJS module that integrated with Services to provide the APIs that the front-end JS framework could use.


Netflix's internal clients were extremely glad to see the updated UI. Netflix is planning to expand the use of this contract management system to various divisions internally.

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