Case Study


VMware, client of Clarus Agency, publishes white papers on virtualization technology very regularly. Each white paper has many different pieces of content, which are written by different authors and reviewed by different reviewers. They wanted to create a system to centralize this white paper creation process.

The administrators within VMware were allowed to create initial documents and would ask the authors to fill in the content. Multiple authors are assigned to each document and they create the content within that document. Each content could be in a different state (created, reviewed, approved, published, etc.) at the same time and would go through its own workflow. The document should show only the published content within it to external users at any given time.

VMware also wanted the ability to change the layout of the document at any time and that should reflect in the pdf generated in real time.

To create this platform, we used Organic Groups which gives us the ability to create groups around documents and add users with different roles to that document. We could also attach content pieces to each Organic Group. Organic Groups also gives us the option to theme each document differently and to change the layout any time. Since the workflow for each content was very complicated, we needed to use both Revisioning and Workflow module and had to write a custom module to glue them together. This project used a lot of AJAX to display the content revisions in the form of Facebook timeline.

In the end, VMware was very happy with the work and were delighted to have a system which could manage their workflow exactly how they wanted it.


Clarus Agency wanted to create a publishing site for their client, VMware. They wanted to create an online publishing system with multi-page documents and many pieces of content inside each one. These content pieces needed to be modified independently of the rest of the document. The workflow involving authors, reviewers and administrators was very complicated.


Red Crackle designed the complicated workflow so that the authors, reviewers and administrators get notified every time a content is created, reviewed, approved or published. Permissions were assigned such that unauthorized users could not view, update or delete the documents as well as the content within them.


Red Crackle finished the project in time and below the initial budget estimate. VMware is extremely happy with the project since it helped them reduce the time in managing the creation process of their online publication.

It was a pleasure working with Red Crackle on our Drupal project. The team was thoughtful and detailed in their development approach and contributed many positive ideas to the project. Red Crackle delivered on time and on budget. I'd recommend them for Drupal projects.
                      -Jess Walker
Co-Founder, Clarus Agency
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