Drupal Themes: A Comprehensive Guide

A theme allows you to alter the looks of your website, customizing it just like you want it. On Drupal.org, you will come across more than thousand themes you can customize for your website. View the full list here.

Featured below are 5 themes definitely worth your attention:

Zen: Often considered the best Drupal theme ever, Zen is a simple yet powerful tool to beautify your website. Powered by HTML 5 and SASS-compatibility, Zen's responsive layouts are just what you need to create your website.

Visit here to download the Zen Drupal theme.

Omega: Omega 4.x is a framework aimed at themers who want to use coding to manipulate the theme. Omega 3.x, on the other hand, provides a user interface to plan the theme. Omega’s responsive layout provides you with so many options to configure almost every placement region for your site. Along with Zen, Omega is considered to be among the most effective themes for Drupal.

Visit here to download the Omega Drupal theme.

Corporate Clean: If you are looking to create a corporate website on the Drupal platform, then this theme is for you! This simple yet effective theme supports 1 and 2 column layouts. It features 11 regions to pack your website with the most useful information.

Visit here to download your Corporate Clean Drupal theme.

Marinelli: This attractive theme has won many hearts in the Drupal world! It features a huge rotating banner that can be used to convey messages to target audiences in an attractive manner. You will also like the incredible dropdown menu!

Visit here to download the Marinelli Drupal theme.

BlueMasters: Featuring 2-column and 3-column layouts for the inner and front pages respectively, this theme is a reliable worker. You will appreciate the slideshow on the homepage and the dropdown menus.

Visit here to download the BlueMasters Drupal theme.

AdaptiveTheme: This theme is renowned for its cross browser capabilities. By using the latest is responsive design, AdaptiveTheme creates specific layouts for your choice of target devices. All this with minimal coding. Sites made from AdaptiveTheme are known to be fast and efficient.

Visit here to download the AdaptiveTheme Drupal theme.

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