Drupal Intranet Solutions

Empowering Offices With Powerful Drupal Intranets

Our Drupal Intranet solutions provide organizations with the right tools to facilitate data access, ease of communication and remote collaboration. Our Drupal intranets can be integrated with 3rd party account management systems such as Central Authentication Service and Active Directory or with Drupal-powered CMS systems.

Drupal Intranet solutions

Here are some of the features we can develop for your Intranet:

  • Bulletin Board to announce internal news, job postings, employee birthdays, among other information
  • File download functionality for unique departments within the organizations
  • Permission and role-based access for each employee
  • IT Helpdesk to facilitate resolution of network/hardware issues
  • Training module to impart quality education to employees when required

Do get in touch with us for your Drupal Intranet requirements! Call us at 512-228-9657 or send in an email to [email protected]

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