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Seamless Drupal Migration Services

As part of our Drupal Migration services, we have helped many companies make the transition from their old legacy systems to efficient Drupal-powered ones.

Our team has the experience to handle data and site migrations of all sizes and complexity levels. Over the years, we have worked on converting system architecture featuring Joomla, WordPress and Magento platforms into full-capable Drupal systems.

We have worked on projects that featured system architectures that were more than 20 years old! We have even performed migrations from multiple legacy systems into one consolidated Drupal system.

We follow a 5-step process while performing Drupal Migration:

Drupal Migration Services

1. Assess: We analyze your current architecture and the components featured in it. Our goal will be to perform a fool-proof migration that will ensure proper backup and transfer of data.

2. Identify: We will plan and create a superior Drupal-based architecture that can be mapped to your original system. We will carefully identify the themes that should be a part of the new system along with the theme that should be used.

The resulting Drupal system will be similar to the original one in terms of functionality but will provide you with greater efficiency to meet your business goals.

3. Initialize: Once the architecture is finalized, we will being setting it up along with the recommended database and 3rd party applications.

4. Migrate: The legacy system is finally deployed in the Drupal environment.

5. Support: We perform user testing and provide maintenance to ensure smooth transition of processes.

Do get in touch with us and share your current system requirements.

Visit this link if you need to migrate or upgrade from an older Drupal version to a newer one.

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