Drupal Upgrade

Efficient Drupal Upgrade Processes

It's important to ensure that your current installation of Drupal is up-to-date. This prepares your site to withstand security vulnerabilities, bugs and possible module incompatibility concerns.

Drupal Upgrade Services

At Red Crackle, our Drupal Upgrade services cater to all scenarios within Drupal architecture:

Upgrade of total site

In this scenario, we will upgrade your entire site to the most current Drupal release. We will also take care of modules that are no longer supported by the latest release by installing alternate ones.

Upgrade of modules

In this scenario, we will only make changes to existing modules in your Drupal environment. Based on your requirement, we will upgrade the modules to the latest version or add extra functionality to make them more powerful.

Upgrade of Core

In this scenario, we will perform an upgrade to the latest core while leaving your modules intact.

We have worked on upgrade projects involving Drupal 5, 6 and 7. We are currently working on several prototype projects featuring Drupal 8. We are confident we will be able to take up upgrades to Drupal 8 after its official release.

Get in touch with us to share your upgrade concerns. We will provide you with the right directions to move forward.

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