Drupal Performance Tuning

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Drupal Performance Tuning

While there's no doubt about Drupal's capabilities as a reliable CMS tool, there are certain strategies that should be enforced to make sure that your sites run smoothly and without any hiccups.

Many sites witness a slight or major dip in response times over a period of time. In these scenarios, optimization or performance tuning should be taken to avoid further degradation. This is where we step in.

Here are some of the steps taken by us to boost performance:

  • Module Planning: Drupal offers so many modules that you will be tempted to install all. We will work with you to be judicious as far as module selection is concerned, uninstalling those that do not serve any purpose to your website. This will reduce bloat and ensure that your database is not over-burdened.
  • Core & Contributed Module Updates: We will ensure that your site is updated frequently with the latest updates. This ensures that your site is able to reap the benefits of the latest performance updates and features.
  • Cache Optimization: We will work on your site's Cache settings to ensure that database queries are arranged in a streamlined manner for quicker response times. We can also deploy Memcache to significantly reduce server load while boostingperformance of your site. We will work on the caching mechanism for Views as well.
  • Optimizing The Views Module: There is no doubt about the reliability of the Views module. But for most sites, it ends up generating database queries that are arguably slow. We take care of this by working with your queries to make sure they load quicker and to the benefit of your site.
  • Resolving LAMP Stack Issues: We improve performance without adding hardware to the LAMP stack. Instead, we fine-tune individual components of the host stack.
  • Deploying APC Code Cache: We will deploy APC on your system - it makes working on PHP code a lot more convenient and hassle-free.
  • Resolving Reverse Proxy Issues: Most complicated sites use a reverse proxy or load balancer. We make sure your configurations to connect with the reverse proxy are done better.
  • Resolving Design Issues: Have a front-end design issue that’s hampering the way your site loads? We will take care of it without impacting underlying functionality.

We look forward to resolving performance issues faced by your system.

Drupal Performance Tuning Case Studies

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