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About us


Today, Red Crackle is enabling digital transformation for some of the world’s fastest growing companies. Through our next-gen digital services and agile offshore principles, we have catalyzed some of the major changes that have helped leading companies deliver unparalleled levels of performance and customer delight.

Our purpose

Since its inception in 2012, Red Crackle has been dedicated to help its clients transform while cutting labor costs, including operational overhead and technology costs. We make this a reality through prompt communication and better business understanding.

When you choose Red Crackle, you gain the expertise, knowledge, and reliability of a recognized global technology outsourcing company.

Our Vision

Delivering onshore capabilities through offshore model

Red Crackle’s offshore global delivery capabilities provide cost-effective and flexible engagement models. With a proven track record of success and supreme retention rates, our clients can be assured that Red Crackle’s dedicated offshore teams will act as an extension of their talent pool, providing the highest levels of technical capabilities and customer support.

How we do it

As your talent partner, we combine the technical expertise and business acumen to catalyze change and deliver purpose-driven results. From flawless communication to progressive project management practices, our values are reflected clearly in all our behavior pertaining to customer success.

All our services are powered by next-gen technologies that enable rapid delivery and scalability.

Case Studies


Our story

We began our journey as a small, ambitious IT enterprise to deliver unique digital transformation services to our partners and clients. Over the years, we've gone on to create some of the largest and most well-known digital experiences. Red Crackle has built ambitious web applications and websites to suit every budget, leveraging various platforms.

Headquartered in the Bay Area, with an office in Pune, India, Red Crackle has a 25+ workforce of IT specialists. Today, our core expertise has extended to include Industry 4.0 technologies like AI & ML, IoT, Cloud Computing, Blockchain, and Chatbots.


Neerav Mehta starts Red Crackle — a Drupal-focused web development company. He focuses on it part-time while working full-time at AMD in Austin, TX.


Neerav quits his job at AMD and concentrates on Red Crackle full-time. In Nov 2012, he lands eBay as a client and moves from Austin to the Bay Area — Red Crackle’s present-day headquarters.


Neerav starts getting more Drupal projects. He hires two developers in India to support him.


Red Crackle is slowly expanding. The company lands Netflix as a client. The number of developers in India has increased to five.


Red Crackle lands Mulesoft and ProgrammableWeb as clients. The company hires three more developers.


Due to decreasing demand of Drupal, the availability of new work plateaus. Red Crackle expands its expertise in Wordpress.


Red Crackle adds Node.js, React.js, and Vue.js to its list of specializations. The workforce has increased to 10.


After a few months of uncertainty after the pandemic, business finally picks up. Red Crackle gets Airtable, ClickUp, and Eightfold as customers. The company expands into Shopify. The number of developers has now increased to 16.


The team has grown to 27, and Red Crackle has ventured into the crypto and NFT development space.

Neerav Mehta

Neerav Mehta

Founder & CEO

Neerav Mehta is the Founder & CEO of Red Crackle. With sterling qualities, Neerav’s technological acumen is firing a generation of progressive companies on the digital path. With an undergraduate degree in Electrical Engineering from India's most prestigious institution IIT Bombay and having spent seven years developing and contributing to the launch of AMD's innovative line of computer products, Neerav founded Red Crackle where he is lauded for his dynamic and innovative genius.

Talent Hiring Process

The most important of the success of our clients is the tireless efforts and dedication of every Red Crackler.

People who join Red Crackle want to work in a firm that leads with ethics – a place where they can commit to building technological expertise and growing. This becomes the basis of our hiring process.

Training and Development

A young, highly trained and qualified workforce for every need of our clients.

We focus on training our employees to help them reskill themselves. We do so by rigorous agile and scrum training courses on an ongoing basis that make them adaptive and help understand industry and technological trends.

Who we work with

We are committed to helping our clients reap every opportunity in the digital realm. At Red Crackle, we align our actions with the mission of our customers.

We have served some of the most progressive industries including the internet, e-commerce, OTT, IT, online education, healthcare, supply chain, PaaS, and SaaS industries.


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About Us


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