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Analytics and BI

Use data to develop the next big thing.

We help you use data to fuel innovation and exceed standard intelligence to disrupt your market by gaining a competitive advantage, improving customer offerings, and generating new revenue streams.

Analytics and Business Intelligence (BI)

We help you with a data-led approach to arrive at decisions by effectively aggregating and analyzing data to uncover relevant insights in real-time.

Interactive Data Visualization

Convert raw information into a graphic format to communicate and contextualize data.

Interactive Data Visualization

Convert raw information into a graphic format to communicate and contextualize data.

Texas CTE and DoDEA

We helped our client integrate graphical reports into their website through REST API. The reports are created with Power BI Desktop and uploaded to the Power BI app. We created a backend with a user-friendly form to enable them to upload the reports and a dashboard on their website for displaying them. We also developed a chatbox to help them track users' queries and export the data in CSV/Excel format.

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What we do

We promote fast and detailed data analysis and visualizations through our partnerships with a range of superior BI solution providers so that you can move your business forward and stand out as an industry leader.


Real-Time Analytics

Simplify complex data and transform it into actionable insights for making smarter business decisions quickly.


Business Intelligence

Gain a better understanding of the key metrics surrounding your operations and processes.


Business Intelligence Visualization

Convert raw information into a graphic format to show logical correlations, and define inclinations, tendencies, and patterns.


ETL/ELT Processes

Extract data from diverse sources, transform it into a predefined format and load it into a data lake or data warehouse.


Big Data

Leverage innovative big data tools to develop vital insights from previously untapped structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data sets.


Data Management

Data warehousing, migration, and lakes management, for 360° data access.

Cutting-edge tools and analytics platforms at work

We make use of next-gen analytics and business intelligence tools to help you arrive at the best business decisions.

Aaron Fiber

Aaron Fiber

Project manager

Promantus Inc

Working with Red Crackle has been fantastic.

They learned how our platform worked quickly and they were able to work with my previous developer to ensure a smooth hand-off. They are very detail-oriented and do a great job of documenting requirements and questions. They have adopted my project management style quickly but are also not shy to help share positive and constructive feedback.

Analytics & BI Services by Red Crackle

Our advanced Analytics and BI services combine business analytics, data mining, business intelligence visualization, and industry best practices to transform your data into actionable intelligence and knowledge.


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