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AI & Machine Learning

Harness data and train algorithms to exceed human efficiency.

Our AI & ML solutions unlock new efficiencies and facilitate game-changing innovation 5X faster than before. Red Crackle can help you process big data sets, train deep learning algorithms, and exceed human efficiency through smarter, faster, and cost-effective decisions in near real-time.

AI & Machine Learning

We help you create your biggest customer impact by harnessing the power of AI and ML algorithms to make your technology smarter, augment faster decision-making, and eliminate human errors.

Advance Analytics

Aggregate data and visualize insights on using knowledge graphs.

Advance Analytics

Aggregate data and visualize insights on using knowledge graphs.


Mulesoft is a middleware platform for leading enterprise clients. We developed a solution to help Mulesoft's clients apportion higher advertising budgets toward the right leads. We took the lead and feature list information and used machine learning to calculate probabilities, which helped increase budgets for the said leads.

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What we do

We help you realize the value of data. Our AI services fuel process automation and enable new business models. We assist you with modular, flexible components of AI to realize results quickly.


Data Sourcing

Acquire and scrape the data from different data sources.


Data Preperation

Format data into the desired structure by removing the discrepancies and handling the missing values.


Data Analytics/Exploration

Form hypotheses and uncover insights from the start about your defined problem by exploring and visually analyzing the data.


Feature Engineering

Extract important features and create new ones from raw data, to enhance the quality of results.


Data Modeling

Train and validate machine learning models, evaluate their performance, and use them to make predictions & deliver business value.


Data Visualization

Make the findings accessible to stakeholders using plots and interactive visual elements.



Packaging and deploying an AI & ML model in a live environment.

Trusted by industries and businesses

Our wealth of experience in next-gen technologies and AI deployments has helped businesses realize 5X value, enabling us to provide you with intelligent AI & ML-based solutions.

Aaron Fiber

Aaron Fiber

Project manager

Promantus Inc

Working with Red Crackle has been fantastic.

They learned how our platform worked quickly and they were able to work with my previous developer to ensure a smooth hand-off. They are very detail-oriented and do a great job of documenting requirements and questions. They have adopted my project management style quickly but are also not shy to help share positive and constructive feedback.


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