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Deadlines are considered by many to be scary reminders of work at hand, especially in a software environment. While some employees easily meet their deadlines, others barely make it to the finish line! There is a thin line of productivity that separates successful deadline-achievers from unsuccessful ones.

10 Ways To Increase Productivity

This article covers 10 ways to increase productivity at work. Read through these tips and you'll realize they are easy to implement, if you are not doing them already.

1. Believe in the power of to-do lists!

This is a traditional method that has worked wonders at offices for decades. Write down action items in order of priority/deadline. Strike each task off the to-do list as you complete them.

You could either use a personal diary or a simple application like Notepad or MS Word to accomplish this.

2. Become an expert organizer!

Make sure all files (physical and virtual) are organized in a clean and easy-to-find manner. Use nomenclature that can easily identify the origins of a document. Name each file properly along with a date and version.

This ensures you save a lot of time while searching for files used by you several months ago.

3. Do one thing at a time!

Most of us are excellent at multi-tasking. But as time goes by, there is a chance for complacency to sneak in. You may end up doing a shoddy job in all your multi-tasking efforts.

So go the simple route and perform one task at a time. This ensures you are able to dedicate quality time to each task.

4. Acknowledge that you have stress

Stress is a global phenomenon that can hamper work efficiency to a great extent. A stressed person will keep worrying about deadlines without doing anything about it.

Do you worry often at work? The first step to fight stress is to acknowledge it. Keep a stress reliever close by so that you can squeeze stress away when the need arises!

5. Take mini-breaks at regular intervals

Get up and take short walks when you feel the need to do so. A bit of stretching will be beneficial as well.

6.  Don’t hesitate to seek advice

Need help with a particular section of code? Don’t wait for hours or days to resolve it. Instead, seek help immediately. Collaborating regularly with helpful colleagues is a good way to get work finished on time.

7. Read, read and read!

Devote 15-20 minutes each day to learn about the latest insights in your industry. These insights can then be incorporated in the way you approach work.

8. Set new challenges for yourself

Seek change in your attitude towards work. Acknowledge mistakes in execution, if any. Challenge the time taken by you to perform certain tasks. Make sure you do tasks quicker and more efficiently.

9. Seek feedback from colleagues and seniors

How well are you performing at office? Are there areas for improvement? These are questions that can be answered better by others in office. Seek feedback and try to improve the way you get things done.

10. Stay healthy. Always!

Make sure you have regular medical check-ups done to avoid health-related complications. This will ensure you are better positioned (both physically and mentally) to take on challenges at the office.

Did you like the tips mentioned in this article? You can share some of your own in the comments box below.

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