Blog/ 5 Reasons Why Drupal Commerce Is The Right Solution For Your Ecommerce Business

Drupal is renowned as a hugely popular platform for e-commerce solutions. This is a technology trend that began in 2009. That's when the e-commerce module – Drupal Commerce – was launched with little or no fanfare. Slowly but steadily, this new module emerged as a powerful weapon to build secure and foolproof e-commerce websites.

Soon, other sites like Joomla and WordPress were lagging behind. Today, Drupal serves a platform to more than thousand e-commerce sites around the world. In this article, we will look at why this platform is the go-to solution for online retail store developers.

1. The module costs nothing to acquire: Just like any other module in the Drupal world, Drupal Commerce is free to use and deploy. Moreover, it is supported by a powerful team of developers who support it with timely world-class updates, keeping in mind customer requirements.

2. Highest levels of compliance: In order for an online retail solution to be effective, it should work seamlessly with 3rd party gateways. Whether it's PayPal, VeriSign, or any other gateway, this module has you covered! Expect the very best of security authentication with transactions that aim to provide shoppers with a hassle-free shopping experience.

3. Adaptability to the highest complexities: From a site featuring simple transactions to ones featuring thousands of transactions, day in and day out – this module can adapt with no hiccups. Count on Drupal for sites that are huge in scope and design.

4. Content + eCommerce = Winning combination: Since Drupal is primarily a CMS, it allows users to build an online store that centers on content as its mean theme. Drupal lets you add banners, descriptions and contests - just about anything to add more weight to your online store's offerings.

5. Superior search engine results that are second to none: You have probably heard about Drupal's exclusive module for SEO. Sites that are powered by this module are easily indexed by search engines. Get quality results that will quickly bring traffic to your website.


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