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This article is a tribute to the fun side of the Drupal community. As the title suggests, the focus here is the legendary Drupal mascot, the Druplicon.

Druplicon is best described as a drop of water with the infinity symbol for its eyes and a naughty smile!

Featured below are some creative Drupalicons designed by the Drupal community from around the world:

1. Oranges, anybody?

This logo is one of the two designs we found that are inspired from fruits (the other one is based on the kiwi fruit). Designed for Valencia’s Drupal Camp, this one is stunner!

Drupal Camp, Valencia, Spain

2. Let’s head to the land of the Dalai Lama!

Dharamshala in India is home to the Dalai Lama. The place is also renowned for its beautiful landscape, which is why Druplicon had to make the perfect landing! 

Drupal Camp, Dharamshala, India

3. Now, here is one cool honey bee!

We really liked the honey bee presentation. Druplicon looks cute, funny and ready to buzz away to greater glory!

Drupal Camp, Manchester

4. Count on the Indians to make things as colorful as possible!

We are going to let this picture speak for itself!

Drupal Camp, Chennai, India

5. Roar! Say hello to this cute tiger!

The DrupalCamp in New Jersey had an interesting take on Druplicon and we’re impressed!

Drupal Camp, New Jersey

6. Get ready for some Ninja action!

We are not sure about the origins of this Ninja model but it sure does look great!

Ninja Druplicon

7. Let’s bring the smiles out!

The Greater Los Angeles Drupal Camp (GLADCamp) had Druplicon as the ever-popular smiley!

 GladCamp, Los Angeles, USA

8. Here’s the greatest leap Druplicon ever made!

There are plenty of dolphins in Australia! And it made sense to organizers to have it as the mascot for the DrupalCamp in Victoria.

Drupal Camp, Victoria, Australia

9.Time for some Mexican fun!

The 2013 DrupalCamp in Mexico had an Aztec-based Druplicon. It does look a bit creepy though!

Drupal Camp, Mexico

10. It’s time to go underwater!

We adore this underwater rendition from DrupalCamp, Florida!

Drupal Camp, Florida,USA

Are you aware of other wacky Druplicons? Do share with us in the comment box below!


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