Blog/ Experiment #2: increasing traffic by moving the website from HTTP to HTTPS - Part 1

As of Feb 24, 2020, our site was still on HTTP. It's hard to believe that a company that provides web development as a service and which knows the importance of moving the site to HTTPS will keep its own website on HTTP. First, let me specify the advantages of HTTPS:

  1. The sits is more secure. This is an obvious advantage.
  2. Google prefers secure sites and being on HTTPS is a ranking factor in organic search results. Installing SSL certificate and moving the site to HTTPS should technically bring in more traffic.

So why did we did not move the site to HTTPS earlier. Two reasons:

  1. The site brings in absolutely zero leads to us. Most, sorry, all our leads are via referral.
  2. We have been busy working on clients' projects. Any service provider knows that clients' projects always take priority over their own projects. :)

Why are we moving the site to HTTPS now?

  1. Growth because of referral has been slow and steady. But now we want to grow faster. I am going to be experimenting with multiple channels, inbound as well as outbound, and we need leads from our website.
  2. To get leads from our website, we need more traffic to our website. And if moving to HTTPS brings in more traffic, then this is a very easy win.

So the question remains whether this move to HTTPS will increase our traffic at all. Let's find out in a couple of weeks! I'll keep you posted.

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