Blog/ How to create a Block View in Drupal 7

There are two kinds of views that can be created – a page view and a block view.  A block view behaves like any other view. The only difference is that the content of the block view is rendered in a block. Page View requires a path. The view output will be rendered in a page with the given path.

Let us create a block view for Latest Articles.

  1. Download the "Views" module from
  2. Enable the "Views" and "Views UI" modules.
  3. Navigate to "Structure" -> "Views" -> "Add New View"
  4. Enter a name for the view: "Latest Articles".
  5. Show Content of type "Articles" sorted by newest first.
  6. Tick against the check box "Create a Block" and fill necessary information like "Block Title", "Display Format", "Items per page" and "Use a pager".

Create a block view in Drupal 7

  1. Click "Save & Exit" to save the view.
  2. You can also click "Continue & edit" if you need to edit the view. Here, you will find advanced settings for the view. You can add more fields, filter criteria, sort criteria, contextual filters and many other settings.

Your block view is created now. Let us place this block into a region.

Steps to place the block in a block region

  1. Navigate to "Structure" -> "Blocks"
  2. You can find your view under the "Disabled" blocks list. It will appear as "View: Latest Articles"
  3. Assign a block region to the block from the drop down available next to the block name.
  4. Save the block.

You will now be able to see your view in the assigned region.

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