Blog/ A Checklist Of Must-Have Features For Intranets

When the first Intranet applications were introduced in 1991, critics quickly anointed them as "passing technological fads". Close to 25 years have passed since then and Intranets are still going strong, determined to play a prominent role in how companies function worldwide.

We, at Red Crackle, strongly believe that most deployed Intranets are still not running to maximum potential. This is primarily because managements are not aware about how beneficial an intranet can be to their business. 

Intranet checklist for companies

A well-designed Intranet features an appealing interface with most of the features mentioned below, if not all. The first step should be to identify the business goals you seek to achieve through the Intranet solution. Once you have that ready, you can check the list below for features you want added to your solution:

1. Employee Directory: An interesting feature you should include in your Intranet is the details of all employees within your organization. An employee can look up a colleague's email id, office contact number and department without moving an inch from his seat!

2. Knowledge Sharing Center: Does your company have quality resources that can be of use to your employees? Get them featured on your Intranet application.

3. Blog/Discussion Board: Add topics for discussion and enable commenting to ensure employees participate.

4. Document Management: Provide users with authorized access to add/edit/delete documents. These documents can then be worked upon by other employees at a later date.

5. Recreation Corner: Add quizzes, games, puzzles and quizzes to the Intranet application. This will ensure customers have a fun time on your site as well.

6.  Real-time Feeds: How about a section where the management and employees can make real-time updates similar to that seen in social media sites? These updates can be on a project, an office party or an upcoming meeting, anything that will capture the attention of employees.

7. HR Corner: The application should allow for posting of vacancies. Also, employees wanting to check out on HR policies should be able to do so at a click of a mouse.

8. Announcements: This will probably be among the most important sections on the site. From birthday and holiday announcements to company events, this is the place where employees are likely to be hanging out the most.

9. Multimedia Center: This is where your company's digital assets go. Videos, slideshows and photographs can be shared in this section.

10. I.T. Support: Have an issue with your desktop machine? Raise a ticket online through the Intranet application.

Like this list of features? We wish you the very best while building your very own Intranet application.


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