Blog/ 5 Popular Drupal Modules For Development

As you are already aware, Drupal is used to build some of the world's most scalable and high performing sites. One of the main reasons why Drupal wins over other platforms like Joomla and WordPress is the wide range of extendable modules on offer. These modules are easy-to-use and help developers monitor and work with Drupal conveniently.

1. Backup and Migrate: No site is complete without a backup facility. The Backup and Migrate module is exactly what you want to schedule backups without any hassles, day after day, week after week. The entire process is fast and efficient - and much better than what any other CMS solution.

2. Field group: If there's a form, then the Field group module is a must! This module helps you manage forms with ease, allowing you to manipulate fields to your liking. Gone are the days when forms would have to be hard to negotiate!

3. Media: This media allows you to manipulate media on external sites such as YouTube and Flickr. Use it to add multiple media files at the same time quickly and efficiently.

4. CKEditor – WYSIWYG Editor: CKEditor replaces FCKeditor and is far more superior to the latter. Experience the same feeling of using an application like Microsoft Word with this module. CKEditor has had some changes over the years. As a result, it loads faster and performs just like the best content editing tools in the world.

5. Menu Block and Menu Breadcrumb: Drupal core comes with basic menu functions. In order to manipulate them further, you will have to lay your hands on these modules. Both these modules offer menu functionality that will place your site in the same league as the world's sites!

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