Blog/ Should you create a Page View or a Block View?

You need to show a list of content on a page. You know that you need to use Views for it. But you are wondering whether to create a Page View or a Block View. Here is a simple question you need to ask yourself to decide.

What is the purpose of the webpage where you will be showing the view?

If the purpose of the page is to show a list of content, i.e. the view itself, then create a page view. If it is to show something else, and the view is merely something in addition, for e.g. in the sidebar or below the main content, then make it a block view and put it on that page. The reason is that the metadata of the page, for e.g. page title, metatag keyword/description, etc. should be related to the main content of the page for SEO purposes. Creating a page view ensures that the page title and metatags (if you are using Metatag module) on the webpage will be dervied from the view itself. In you are embedding a block view on a page, the page title and metatags will come from the main content, for e.g. node or user profile, etc.

This is assuming that you are not using Panels. If you are using Panels, then use View Content Pane or create a block view and embed it in a Panel page.


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