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This is tutorial #14 in the Drupal Commerce tutorial series. In the previous article, we added a flat shipping rate to all orders.

In this article, we will apply a flat discount of $6 to all orders above $50, irrespective of the shipping address. This is how my final screen looks after the discount has been applied:

For this purpose, I have downloaded and unzipped the Discount Commerce module (  This module provides us with an excellent UI to configure discounts for shopping carts.

Note that you will have to download and unzip Inline Conditions module ( before you enable Discount Commerce.

Let’s go ahead and enable these modules. Click “Modules” on the top-level menu:

Search and enable “Inline Conditions”:

Click “Save configuration”. Search and enable the following modules:

  • Commerce Discount: The primary module responsible for providing us with the UI.
  • Commerce Discount Date: This module allows us to add date functionality for discounts, allowing us to specify when a discount will expire.
  • Commerce Discount Usage

A new “Discounts” link will appear in the “Store” section. Click it:

Click “Add discount”:

Add a new discount for your Ecommerce store. In our case, I am creating a flat $6 discount for all orders above $50. These are the fields you will encounter in the new page:

  • Admin title: The title that will be associated with the discount for back-end purposes.
  • Name: The title that will be seen by front-end users.

View the screenshot below for more details:

  • Choose discount type: Specify whether the discount is based on the order or product. In our case, the discount will be based on the order’s total value:

  • Order discount conditions: The values I provided in the dropdown – “Total amount“ and “greater than” are self-explanatory. I typed in 50 for the USD field. Enter an amount of your choice:

  • Maximum overall usage: How many times should the discount be used?
  • Maximum usage per customer: How many times does each user get to use the discount?

I have left both fields blank because I am not going to monitor discounts based on usages. 

I want the discount to be used for a month, irrespective of how many times they are used:

Click “Save discount” at the bottom of the page:

The discount has been saved:

I’m going to check out my cart to verify whether the discount works smoothly:

As can be seen in the screenshot below, $6 has been deducted from my final order worth $50:


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