Blog/ Drupal Commerce Tutorial - Create your first e-commerce store

Drupal Commerce is a distribution capable of building e-commerce sites.In this series of tutorials, you will learn how to create a Drupal Commerce site from scratch. You will know how individual modules in Drupal Commerce suite fit together to build an e-commerce store, whether you are selling products, services or subscriptions. Following topics are covered:

  1. Adding and configuring products

    1. Adding a product and displaying it on the site
    2. Adding multiple SKUs of a product with different attributes and let user choose one to purchase
    3. Adding fields and metadata to the product
    4. Managing inventory
  2. Shopping cart
  3. Checkout
    1. Modify the checkout flow to collect more information
    2. Express checkout to increase conversion
  4. Show me the money. Accepting payments.
    1. Credit cards using
    2. PayPal
  5. Adding taxes
    1. VAT
    2. Sales tax
  6. Discounts
    1. Discount coupons for your customers on special occasions
    2. Discount when order total exceeds a certain amount
  7. Shipping
    1. Flat rate shipping for all products
    2. Change shipping rate based on user's location
    3. Free Shipping for orders more than $150
    4. Configuring FedEx for your store
    5. Configuring UPS for your store

If you are interested in learning anything else to create your e-commerce site using Drupal Commerce, please write it in the comment below and we'll write a blog post about it.


By Hannah (not verified) Wednesday, October 21, 2015 - 16:09 Permalink

Perfect! This made me build my site much easier than I was thinking. Im not a techie person but your instructions are simplified, easy to comprehend.

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